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Rebecca Winsor

New York, NY, United States

Member since May 22, 2007


    Education, Communication Design


    Are you a TALENTED WEB DESIGNER? Would you be interested in traveling to BHUTAN to help a great cause?

    The BHUTAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT FUND (YDF) is the only national, non-governmental organization helping youth in remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The organization is currently seeking a short-term volunteer who could come to Bhutan and help upgrade their website. The volunteer would also be asked to conduct a very basic training in web design and website. Afterwards, the volunteer would have an opportunity to travel without having to pay Bhutan’s $240/day tourist tax if they wanted.


    -Demonstrated talent and experience in Web Design -Ability to spend roughly one week helping at the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (with website modification and basic web design trainings)


    This is a volunteer position, so there would be no monetary compensation involved. However, the web designer would receive a chance to visit Bhutan without paying the standard $240/day tourist tariff. They would also have free lodging, meals (breakfast and dinner) and transportation while working in Thimphu. If the web designer wished, s/he could spend one week working on the Bhutan YDF website and then take off to travel.

    TIMEFRAME: Ideally the person would be able to come anytime from right now onwards until Early Summer 2008

    POSITION LOCATION: Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city

    Specific Items the Web Designer would be asked to address:

    • To make the overall site more dynamic and textured
    • To take measures that will possibly increase search rankings
    • To set up webmail for Bhutan Youth Development Fund
    • To include video testimonials from beneficiaries and other more interactive content
    • Include a page of reciprocal links
    • Add a “donate now” capacity (using Paypal)
    • Possibly set up a few other online giving tools


    In 2000, Queen Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck founded the Bhutan Youth Development Fund to address pressing youth needs in her country.

    The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is committed to making every youth a leader. As Bhutan’s foremost youth organization, their programs and activities promote education, teamwork and service to build leadership skills in youth. The Bhutan Youth Development Fund aims to empower youth in need, and in doing so, invest in Bhutan’s future.

    Examples of programs operated by the Bhutan Youth Development Fund

    • Drak Sho, the nation’s only training institute for handicap children
    • Scholarships for children from rural, economically disadvantaged backgrounds
    • Environmental Employment Creation. Teaching youth to be entrepreneurs in the field of waste management, the use of biodiesel, renewable energy, etc and to respect the earth simultaneously.
    • Sponsor a Monk Program, working with little boy monks (age 6-16) to provide them with nutrition, shelter and education
    • Entrprenuership Program for Girls- Teaching Girls from rural disadvantaged backgrounds to start a business and make indigenous crafts with natural materials
    • Youth Volunteers in Action, encouraging youth to volunteer in their communities and engage in service. Activities include a youth radio show addressing social topics, a street theater troupe, trash cleanups to promote environmentalistm, an annual award for young people engaged in exemplary community service, etc
    • Voluntary Artists Studio Thimphu, an after school art program and the only cooperative art gallery in Bhutan
    • Reproductive Health/AIDS education: teaching youth the importance of safe sex as well as the need for compassion towards those with AIDS
    • Programs to help youth to break free from alcohol and drug addiction
    • An after school center for at-risk urban youth and more, ETC

    CONTACT: If you are interested in this position, please contact Rebecca Winsor IMMEDIATELY via email,

    In your message, please send examples of your previous web design work and a resume/CV if possible.

    We are also looking for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER right now. If you know a graphic designer who might want to help this great cause in Bhutan, please let me know. Thank you!!!

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