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Lanig Prima

Clohars-Carnoët, France


Member since March 08, 2010

  • UNESCO poster competition

    Peace, Communication Design


    Three dimensions:

    For me, it was necessary to create a poster-sounding universal but particularly if there are symbols, they must be simple ... and Audibles. I started the show by a drawing of an ear, I will return. In short, the speech I wish to relate is that the echo is a cultural jewel called Earth.

    The description of the poster can be summarized in three dimensions: the ear, ear, the echo cultural and the terrestrial jewel. They do not interact separately. The drawing is a unity, a whole, a fourth dimension allows: graphic composition itself. This conclusion is developed.

    The ear is the first step, remember an old show I watched as a child in a school. The image that sticks in my mind is emotional. Listening, attention, musical pleasure or feedback baptize our first views. The ear is also, and primarily focused simply listening to others, the receiver who works depending on many factors. The main factor is called "culture".

    The cultural resonance: a spread can, must, can unite people together. This spread, this circle includes crops. These resonate beyond our own sphere. Despite various contradictions, they unite in a flood of knowledge that is shared and common aims.

    The terrestrial jewel: one of the objectives of this cultural echo is primarily the land where they crowd up. The blue planet is a jewel that the receiver of all cultures is (either responsibly or unknowingly).

    The conclusion of this statement is to define things but not naive. The graphical description of these three elements into one unit. The echo is a cultural sphere which stems from a huge receiver of this world, a pearl ear on our earth.

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