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sergio olivotti

finale ligure, italy, Italy

Member since February 25, 2010

  • social design contest: DESIGN VS POVERTY

    Poverty, Communication Design


    the new social design contest started right now.

    Designers are asked to design a poster about poverty. More info:!/group.php?gid=50911413340

    The brief

    International financial crises, wars, devastating actions of oligarchic-capitalism, have meant that the dawn of the new millennium, far to bring positive signs for the world’s welfare, is marking the birth of a new GLOBAL POVERTY.

    Along with traditional forms of extreme poverty of third world countries, new forms of poverty are appearing even in countries once considered immune to the problem.

    Depending on their sensibilities, their own personal experience, their feelings, the designers who will participate in the competition will focus their analysis on the new poverties of the countries (once richer) of the planet, or on the extreme poverties of the less fortunate parts of the world:

    1) In the “market oriented” world exist the preconceived idea that food is a product. This erroneous preconception is the basis of WORST FORMS OF POVERTY, the ones typical of poorest countries of the world. And it’s so far from this statement included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his own family " that considers food an inalienable human right.

    According to economist Amartya Sen, Nobel prize in 1998: "Hunger is the characteristic for which people do not have enough food. Is not the characteristic for which there is not enough food to eat. If the second may be due to the first, is only one among many possible causes". The issue of poverty is not only linked to the concept of quantity and distribution of food. It is also the issue of accessibility to healthy-quality eating: everyone must eat, but eat better.

    2) Although European Union is one of the richest areas in the world, still 17% of EU citizens have such limited resources that they cannot afford the basics. A NEW KIND OF POVERTY that touches a wider and diversified range of population that lives in a constant economical and social insecurity affects the so-called industrialized countries. This phenomenon may not be as visible, but is nonetheless important and depends on the mutual presence of different factors, as the incapability of facing individual or familiar crisis, associated to the high vulnerability of the relationships and the lower social visibility of subjects at high risk of exclusion as mono-parental families, aged people, young people with precarious work, people over 50 that have been hired, and so on.

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