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tom miller

chicago, il, United States

Designer (architecture)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Green Design is Good Design. Repurposing Existing Electronics



    Personal Media Players are commonplace today. It is a fiercely competitive market that must reinvent itself for its very survival. A byproduct of this planned obsolescence are the out of date Personal Media Players, what to do with the old units? The energy and resources to produce these units and ship them around the world is substantial as well is the expense to the end user. Also of a concern are the many dangerous materials that go into these complicated electronic devices that may end up in a landfill. This entry provides a means to repurpose and/or add functionality to existing Personal Media Players. This is accomplished by a small video and still camera and commonplace electronics that encode video or still images to an existing standard digital format (mpg4 and jpg). This invention is attached to the Personal Media Player’s Docking connector. The device then uses the Personal Media Player as a monitor to view the content as it is being recorded onto the device and as a storage device for the digital files. Using the Personal Media Player as a storage device for the recorded media enables the user is to move the files off the unit for editing, uploading to the web and/or burning to DVD. The device also adds functionality by enabling the Personal Media Player to video conference by streaming the video and audio, wirelessly (either WIFI or 3G). Functionality is also added by upgrading the optics on the still camera lens. Today cameras are found in most new cell phones and technology is converging into hybrid cell phone/Personal Media Players. The problem is the cameras that are built in to these hybrid devices are very low resolution and of very poor quality. The camera in this device would be a much higher resolution, due to the large amount of storage on Personal Media Players, and higher quality optics, due to the relatively small increase in overall cost to the device. The device is called IEye™, which draws on a common parlance for small electronic devices. We feel the IEye™ will drive purchases of new Personal Media Players and further development of new players by reducing the prospect of what to do with the out of date Personal Media Players. We feel this product will make an impact by encouraging the documentation of everyday activities; including archiving and the sharing of that digital information. It will further impact the electronics industry by driving the next generation of personal media players by repurposing out of date electronics. A byproduct of this device is the enabling of computing, distance learning and audio/visual communication with simple, mass produced, portable consumer electronics. There is also in development an IEye Pro and an IEye Sport!.

    Patents are applied for.

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