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teguh achmadi

Bandung, Java Island, Indonesia

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Spatial Quality Management Services

    Environment, Environmental Design

    For some reason many developed country are less attention in providing comfortable zone among their urban site. A very hectic traffic plus a minimum range of green environment surround can make you stressed on the way to the office and not so relaxing when you're coming home. Allow me to give some examples; There's a funny thoughts about driving in Jakarta ( A city I live now) it was said : "When you can drive along the street at Jakarta, You can drive easily anywhere in this world". Or there's another thought ;"You can find of world most dangerous street at India". For me, those two expression symbolized a less attention in public traffic area, its not only about the people who pass the way around the city but also a possessor teritory role and automotive industries growth inside the country. How could people come with their maximum performances in such situation if they should always watch their back when crossing the street, could you imagine when you're supposed to walk at pedestrian path but suddenly a motorcycle horned you to move away and letting them come first. There's another sample of my countries condition that are lot of curb's not treat well at side area of city, sometimes you should jump to avoid the hole been made for infrastructure project (the project is finished but they didn't fix the hole for a long time-or just being forgotten), people could harm anyway. So, I just thought a government should have a strong bargain to push the industries where ever they want to gain their business in some area, they also should spent their money to develop urban spatial quality; e.g: A giant mall also should treat a park near them and make it more comfortable. Or, an automotive company have to participate increasing a quality of public transport. A mount could be compare to how much industries made for. I mean it should be physically done for every business agreement, so its not about economic growth but also improving the quality of life. Because a great environmental design couldn't been done if the quality of spatial management still in poor condition.

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