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teguh achmadi

Bandung, Java Island, Indonesia

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since May 22, 2007

I was 28 years when wrote down my first page on this blog. Its been so long from the word I made since a college, its kind a quote in any condition, a live-thing that attract me to “say” what I “saw” and “shown” what am “think”. Mostly written in a pieces of paper, some still on a place where it be and some other loose or forgotten. Even its not so precisely catching the scene, but I’m willing to try and sharing with all my friends. Now, by the time I’ve learn and still learn how to make the things surround be composed, structured or de-structured and all by the name of aesthetics. An ordinary career (not so impressed..but am still thankfull) in several creative agency with various position track record, make my eyes opened of what is creative industries.

A degree in Visual Communication Design of ITENAS (Bandung-West Java-Indonesia), clearly making me path to the journey of creative world. A place where I can play with any substance in this world. Not only by visual but send a critics related to immediate scene also in a words. Maybe i can find (hoping so..) a new vision of creative role with reliable statement. There’s no point at all to underestimate or attacking any identity comes from my statement, otherwise gathering an individual statement become a conclusion (temporary) as accepted attitude to the discourse. For me aesthetics its not about protagonist but also is antagonist , it can be opposition-as a counter balanced, that’s why we can found a great thing with different perspective, a tremendous artwork build by the (many) way of thinking process. So…lets the journey begin.

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Being Aesthetics is about quality of life

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  • Industrial Design
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