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alex freeman

seattle, united states, United States

Member since March 21, 2014

You are reading this because you are someone who has made the right decision of not stopping kids from having their activities limited in a house just to keep you delicate floors looking nice.

You are absolutely right in trying to make your house which is durable enough to handle wear and tears of many years, which is comfortable for kids playing and which can look good at the same time. After all you have put your hard earned money into it and for none other than your dear ones.

While installing new floors or remodeling your old ones for your kids, till now you may have not considered two hard floors tiles and concrete. May be because you were not aware of the benefits they offer.

If your flooring isn’t strong enough to stand up to uncountable rowdy jumps, pitter patter, leaky Cups and colors, that toll could end up costing you a small fortune. Under typical toddler feet most of the floorings can get abused very soon.

In a normal day of family life there are spills, dust, pet hair, dirt and crumbs. Midst of everyday chores and with kids at your feet you will definitely want to keep things as simple as it can be. By installing washable flooring such as tile and concrete you can save some of your time and effort. Tiles do not require too much cleaning just sweep and it is clean. While selecting flooring for your kid’s room think over these points

• Safety and health hazards to your kids • Ease of cleaning and Sanitation • Durability • Maintenance and repair cost • Ease of installation

As compared to other flooring options, tiles flooring holds maximum positive points out of this list.

When talking about health hazards VOC or indoor air quality is a hot topic these days. Tiles floor have zero volatile organic compound. None other flooring comes close to zero VOC.

Tile comes in a variety of colors and materials, and it can be custom painted even by your kid.

Your kids can transition their stages on same floors. Because once properly installed tiles floor last life time as compared to other floors which have to be replaced periodically. Your kids might paint it over again by teen colors.

So far, we‘ve covered all aspects of tiles and their benefits. But, there is one issue that disturbs every property owner. The issue is cleaning of these tiles. I know that it is not an easy task, so I recommend professional help. Such services are available in almost every big and small town. If you live in Seattle, tile cleaning Seattle services will surely come handy. For other cities, similar options are not hard to find.

For People who are worried about nature tile flooring offers one more benefit it is all natural product. Available in virtually endless colors and patterns, cost effective, durable and versatile tiles floor is the best option for your kid’s room. Our Official website :

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Benefits of a tile floor for your kids

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