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Minam Kee


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  • Getting that job takes work

    Community, Communication Design


    With the school year winding down, many high school students are looking for employment. Whether it’s our first job or our tenth, applying for a job always seems a bit challenging. First, we have to find a job we believe we can be reasonably happy with. If you’re unhappy indoors, try to find an outdoor job … then fill out the job application, and then have the job interview.

    Interviews make some folks nervous. We have to maintain a balance of selling ourselves to our employer and yet not coming across as conceited. A nice middle ground is to be confident. If we are truthful about what we put on a job application, and know that we can do the skills that we’ve listed, our confidence is appropriate.

    Work Wise Kauai is an organization whose vision is “To develop the skills of the entire workforce of Kauai and to ensure a smoothly functioning total economy. Their mission is “To support the economic development of Kauai through the workforce development system.” In other words, they will help people find, and prepare for jobs as well as list job availabilities on their website:

    There is a link on the website to Hire Net Hawaii. On that site you fill out your zip code and a radius in miles of places you’d be willing to work. I typed in 96746 for Kapaa and 10 miles as a distance. Up came 7 pages of 25 jobs in that area. For advanced info on how to apply for the job, you have to fill out an online registration form. Many of these do require specific skills, but many would be appropriate for first jobs, such as working as sales clerks for Safeway, Macy’s, Long’s, Papalani Gelato and more.

    Work Wise will post your resume on their site for employers to review. They also provided a very thorough checklist of do’s and don’ts for a successful job interview. Since they specifically work with employers on Kauai, it’s good to know. I did some minor editing.

    “Make sure to fill out your application completely using excellent spelling and penmanship.

    Have all the dates, addresses and phone numbers you need, as well as your own blue or black ink pen, pencil and eraser.

    First impressions are very important. Have clean hair, teeth, and clothes.

    Dress properly even if you are only picking up or dropping off an application. You might be asked to have an interview on the spot. Dress appropriately without heavy makeup, perfume, aftershave or jewelry. It’s work, not a date. Be neat and clean.

    Arrive 10 minutes early and go alone, without friends, relatives or pets.

    Turn off all cell phones and pagers.

    Smile, smile and smile. Give good eye contact. Be enthusiastic, friendly and courteous to everyone you meet. Sit up straight and confidently without fidgeting.

    Have a good attitude. No “Genuine Aloha Spirit” was a common complaint! Answer questions thoughtfully, and speak clearly. It’s recommended to leave the pidgin English at home. You will be representing the company and employers want to make good impressions on their clients.

    Answer questions honestly and completely, but don’t talk too much. You should both talk about 50 percent of the time.

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