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kate moss

Bronx, New York, United States

Designer (Radio)

Member since March 19, 2014

  • Taps away from lead poisoning

    Community, Environmental Design

    According to the survey , we have been neglected over the issue of lead in Taps Sale and faucet main raw materials - brass about the absence of mature technology control process and test equipment , some manufacturers add a serious imbalance in the process of casting the lead in brass , aluminum as a result of excessive heavy metals , and even manufacturers have done in order to reduce the cost of recovery of copper faucet with poor quality hose can be smoked with a roomful of people poured pieces of rubber, which gave the safe use of LED Taps cause great problems.

    Experts advise: carefully choose the regular manufacturers genuine

    As the leading small pieces belonging to the Bathroom Accessory , it has been very concerned about the people on the faucet , then how do we choose safe , healthy tap it?

    The so-called Hope , is observed , a good Kitchen Taps should be bright surface , no glitches, no scratches, clear lines and smooth edges . Leading coating adhesion, appearance flatness, durable corrosion, based on the increased precision plating special antibacterial function , decades shiny clean day , more sustainable prevent the growth of bacteria .

    Visit for more about costly and designer taps as you can choose from the wide selection of cheap led taps on the market.

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