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kate moss

Bronx, New York, United States

Designer (Radio)

Member since March 19, 2014

  • Taps away from lead poisoning

    Community, Environmental Design

    According to the survey , we have been neglected over the issue of lead in Taps Sale and faucet main raw materials - brass about the absence of mature technology control process and test equipment , some manufacturers add a serious imbalance in the process of casting the lead in brass , aluminum as a result of excessive heavy metals , and even manufacturers have done in order to reduce the cost of recovery of copper faucet with poor quality hose can be smoked with a roomful of people poured pieces of rubber, which gave the safe use of LED Taps cause great problems.

    Experts advise: carefully choose the regular manufacturers genuine

    As the leading small pieces belonging to the Bathroom Accessory , it has been very concerned about the people on the faucet , then how do we choose safe , healthy tap it?

    The so-called Hope , is observed , a good Kitchen Taps should be bright surface , no glitches, no scratches, clear lines and smooth edges . Leading coating adhesion, appearance flatness, durable corrosion, based on the increased precision plating special antibacterial function , decades shiny clean day , more sustainable prevent the growth of bacteria .

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  • Faucet Maintenance Tips:

    Community, Communication Design


    Choose a favorite after Cheap Taps UK , how to properly use and maintain, is that many users feel headaches and nerve-racking thing. In fact , as long as the installation , use and maintenance of the correct well, the actual life of the faucet can continue for a long time , and can be kept bright as new.

    1, to invite experienced and qualified professionals in the construction and installation . When installed, the tap should try not to bump with a hard object , not to cement , glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss . Note that after clearing the debris inside the pipe installed Antique Taps.

    2, in the case of normal pressure , in use for some time , if found to reduce the amount of water , or even turn off the water heater phenomenon can tap outlet in gently unscrew the screen cover, remove impurities , generally can be restored as ever .

    3 , do not overexert Waterfall Taps , gently turn to homeopathy . Even the traditional taps, nor do they need a lot of strength to twist the dead . Especially not to handle or use as a handrail to support .

    4 , Bathroom Sink Taps metal hose should be kept natural stretch state , do not leave it coiled when not on tap. Also, when using or not , pay attention to the body 's joints do not form a hose and dead , in order to avoid damage to the hose after the break.

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  • How safe and correct use of electric faucet

    Communication, Fashion Design

    Electric Taps Sale products are not unfamiliar to many people , but its range is not wide use and popularity . Electric faucet security issues , I believe the problem is that many of my friends are concerned , consumers in the purchase of electric faucet will be considered when the faucet will not leak , there are no safety problems . In fact, many products are electric faucet prevent leakage have a better security.

    Step specific use

    First, the use of electric faucet

    1, for the newly installed electric LED Taps when first used , we'd use a toothbrush to clean the pipe again, and then tighten the taps to the maximum . The use of dirty water pressure pipes coming out of the pipe . This will not only ensure clean , but also to avoid being blocked by two electric faucet , electric faucet installed after the good , now to position the handle cold water , and then the total valve opens , you see the water from the hot water coming out the other side come after plugged in later use, do not need to unplug the power cord , and do not wash .

    Second, electric faucet installation

    1 , electric Bathroom Accessory can not wipe with a wet towel , but to use cotton cloth. 2, can not be cleaned with acid and alkaline substances. Because electric faucet coated paint , and acid substances react chemically with the particular . 3 , Do not wipe the faucet with burr items electric towel to scrub the surface with a burr electric faucet , and will leave lint , causing the appearance of unsightly...

  • Plated faucet classified

    Community, Industrial Design

    Electroplating is an important indicator of the leading manufacturers of quality and inherent strength , it not only can make the appearance more beautiful Cheap Taps UK , also served to protect the lead, rust corrosion function . Outstanding leader of the body , handle, valve cover by casting , machining, surface grinding, polishing , usually nickel plating , decorative chromium or chromium -nickel alloy . In addition, the plating thickness is also very particular , if too thin is easily oxidized corrosion.

    Leading Antique Taps are generally excellent semi- bright nickel plated body on refined copper , bright nickel and chrome plating three layers . Generally , the first copper layer , to enhance adhesion of the plating layer of nickel ( including semi -bright nickel and bright nickel ) plays a role in corrosion resistance . And because the nickel itself is relatively soft and dark color , therefore , will be plated with nickel- chromium layer on layer , while increasing the brightness of the hardened surface play the role .

    Many Waterfall Taps that its plating up to five products , the " five- plating ", generally including hydrogen -plated copper , copper , copper and other three acid copper , then nickel , chrome . The same copper substrate , the material is also vastly different ; many copper containing impurities lot, often polished out there will be many potholes of injustice . At this point , we need on this copper substrate , copper plating layer again . ...

  • Taps by using functional classification

    Community, Industrial Design


    A Kitchen Taps : If your kitchen has a hot line , which should also be leading a double . Higher exceptions , kitchen faucet outlet longer , there are some hoses designed for your washing of food. Faucets have very long , it is best to stretch the top of the drain , but can not splash water.

    2 Bathroom Sink Taps : It is installed on the wash basin , to put cold water , hot water or cold water mixing faucet and bathroom vanities of this mix is used to laundry , wash . So choose a short and low spout faucet before both practical and coordination , but be careful to leave enough space for washing . After locking the kind of leader, first look at the mounting hole basin faucet is a single hole or three-hole ; If three holes , had to look at the amount of distance between the mounting holes is 4 inches ( about 10 cm ) , or 8 inches ( about 20 cm ) , and then we can determine which faucet appropriate .

    3 Antique Taps : outlet at the bottom , with the shower and shower shelf use , the outlet at the top of the main body and a control rod with a large shower applicable .

    4 Waterfall Taps : it installed on the top side of the tub for mixing hot and cold water open . Such a leader must have two outlets below to bath water, the other for connecting shower . Also note that the length recognize faucet spout slightly longer than the width of the edge of the bath , so as to ensure that water does not flow out when the water .

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  • Bathroom Hardware large literacy

    Community, Industrial Design


    Hello everyone, many friends renovation will encounter this problem, faced with an array of hardware market, do not know how to pick the minds of satisfaction with the goods. Today, the creation of a series of blog columns, I hope this column can help more people in need of a friend in the selection of renovation plumbing objects have a basic understanding and ability to distinguish.

    In the article in this column, Taps Sale will explain the properties of various plumbing fittings cast structure and the advantages and disadvantages of different materials products to help those in need of renovation is to reduce the trouble lay in the selection of friends, saving energy.

    Because the contents of Bowen's more, in order not to produce visual fatigue Friends of Bo, LED Taps will be divided into several blog to write.

    If you are interested in this blog, Bathroom Accessory hope you can put forward new ideas and suggestions, as well as problems you encounter in the actual selection, there are a number of helpful suggestions blog friends, Kitchen Taps will promptly added Bowen.

    I hope these allow you to reduce the troubles encountered in the decoration

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  • Basin mixer how to choose

    Community, Fashion Design

    First, no matter what kind of Cheap Taps UK you choose , we recommend that you choose a good quality brand reputation stresses the price is not high, because the faucet has weight, size , valve, copper , accessories and many other factors affect the quality of non- insiders , can not distinguish . Poor quality can not guarantee the quality of the tap , and water, electricity and related products proposed election trust you compare products , primarily for manufacturers to have that you can understand how much ! This enterprise has no blog , forum or other platforms willing to allow you to know more familiar with him from inside the product .

    There are some types of Antique Taps are not the same , from the use of points could probably use a few

    1 . The wash basin with 2 kitchen 3 bath with 4 other small faucet and accessories

    Let's talk about the use of the Waterfall Taps. Hole Lavatory basin is on the countertop , basin above a mounting hole of a faucet , buy this single-hole faucets are possible ! If you choose this switch is on the right , then it must pay attention to the handle will not hit the wall backwards to meet your home ! This counter basin generally play their home marble countertops , and then drill a tap on top of the mounting holes , this time we must pay attention to the mounting hole faucet How far away from the basin , buy Bathroom Sink Taps outstretched to pay attention to the distance .

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