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Stanley Friel

Costa Rica

Member since March 05, 2014

  • Original Source at The Seattle Times

    Life insurance has been called a euphemism for death insurance, but who wants to think about it that way? The important thing is that you think about it, and get insured, if needed.

    • A primer on life insurance, from the Boston branch of the Better Business Bureau, explains the many kinds of policies. The guide explains the different kinds of insurers and notes you must read the actual policy before buying.

    • writer Jay MacDonald explores the “myths about buying life insurance.”

    James Hunt, with the Consumer Federation of America, recommends term life and 401(k) investments as an alternative to whole-life policies, saying, “The problem is, 40 (percent) or 50 percent of the buyers drop out within 10 years and never get a good return on their money.”

    • Tips at explain more about term insurance. “If you are in a situation (where) your dependents will not rely on you financially forever, your best bet is probably a term-life policy,” writes contributor Jessica Bosari. “Once kids are [financially independent], there is no reason to continue paying for life insurance.”

    • You can look up Standard & Poor’s ratings for companies at, an independent insurance website.

    • advises caution even with a well-rated company. This article gives guidelines for deciding if ratings are trustworthy and how to evaluate the financial health of an insurance company.

  • Better_business_bureau_warns_of_scams_targeting_seniors_177_

    Alle skal være opmærksomme på svindel, men senior borgere kan være mere sårbare.

    Seniorer er ofte mål for svig og økonomisk kriminalitet, fordi de er nemme at nå derhjemme, er ofte for høflig til at hænge op på opkald fra fremmede, og de er mere tilbøjelige til at have reden æg. (Koyal privat uddannelse gruppe)

    Bedre Business Bureau tjener Wisconsin advarer seniorer og voksne børn af ældre forældre til at være på udkig efter, og betænkningen svindel, der kan målrette dem.

    Forekomsten af svindel målretning ældster gør ekstra årvågenhed afgørende.

    Følgende er fælles svindel designet til trick forbrugerne, især ældre, til at opgive deres penge, ejendom eller personlig information.

    Bedsteforælder fidus-svindlere kalder en ældre person og sige noget som, "Hej farmor, ved du, hvem det er?" Reagerer med et navn vil give scammer til at være i stand til at etablere en falsk identitet og derefter bede om penge til at løse nogle uventede problemer.

    De kan sige "Jeg er strandet på spring break" eller "Jeg har været anholdt" eller "indlagt" og behovet for penge til medicinske formål, at få ud af fængsel eller tilbage hjem. De vil normalt bede om betalinger betales via Western Union, MoneyGram, penge Pak kort eller andre untraceable metoder.

    De vil som regel også erklærer, at hans eller hendes stemme lyder anderledes på grund af ulykke eller krise, og bede om, at bedsteforældre ikke fortælle deres forældr...

  • Two_million_of_us_guilty_of_this_insurance_fraud_177_

    Fronting' – trying to hide who is actually the main driver of a car – isn't just a little white lie

    According to new research from Privilege, 6% of motorists are falsely listing themselves as the main driver on a car insurance policy.

    It’s known as ‘fronting’, but there could be grave consequences if your insurer finds out.

    The rise of fronting

    Fronting is a way to cut the car insurance costs for the real main driver. It’s typically parents that utilise it, as their child will face a far more expensive policy if they are named as the main driver. Instead, the parent claims to be the main driver, with the child simply a named driver.

    If the 6% figure from the Privilege survey is replicated across the nation, that would work out at more than two million motorists!

    Incredibly a further 3% (or one million drivers) have been named on policies for a vehicle they have never even driven.

    Why we are tempted

    It should be no surprise that so many people are tempted by this ‘little white lie’, as the cost of car insurance for young people is extraordinary. And that’s even when you take into account the fact that it has fallen significantly over the last 12 months.

    In April the AA published its latest Shoparound analysis of car insurance, where it combines the five cheapest premiums it could find from a range of sources. Here’s how car insurance premiums look for the different age bands, and how they changed on both a quarterly and annual basis.

    As you can se...

  • Investigative_training_at_koyal_group_177_

    Labour wants new powers that allow security services to crack down on cyber-crimes, but only with extra checks on how sensitive data is used.

    A 30 per cent hike in recorded online fraud is just the "tip of the iceberg", shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper will warn, but fears about abuse of information by British intelligence agency GCHQ in the wake of leaks by ex-US security contractor Edward Snowden means new safeguards are needed to protect privacy.

    Last year controversial plans by Home Secretary Theresa May to enable the police and security services to track emails and other online communications under what was labelled a "snooper's charter" were blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

    Cooper will warn the government it must not "bury its head in the sand" as she calls for reforms to keep up with the ever-changing cyber world, saying much stricter controls over access to private data must be introduced to give the public confidence amid fears about the way information can currently be accessed and used.

    Today, in a speech in central London to the Demos think tank, Cooper will call for a new national strategy for tackling online fraud, tougher action to tackle online child pornography and an overhaul of parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee, which keeps a check on the work of the intelligence agencies.

    She is expected to say: "In the face of growing online crime and abuse, and the use of online communications b...

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