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Rica Morrison

United States

Member since February 27, 2014

  • Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster triggered by the giant tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the country has gone through a difficult transition as a developed country and as one of the global economic leaders. As of 2012, Japan had the third highest GDP in the world but placed as the top nation with the greatest deficit in its national budget.

    Several primary factors have brought about the present economic challenges of Japan in relation to the global market which used to be its primary source of its wealth, if not its virtual playground, from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. Here are the reasons for its economic woes at present.

    1. Decrease in consumer confidence

    Almost every country that experiences a calamity suddenly undergoes a period of depression, both economic-wise and socially. That is an obvious result to such devastating causes that can disrupt the natural, political and social environment, as well the human infrastructure needed for the delivery of essential public and private services. Business activity slows down as well as the consumption of non-essential goods. People prefer to save whatever resources they have for their daily survival needs.

    As things improve, however, as they must have already done so in the interim in Japan, people might become more upbeat. Other factors, nevertheless, complicate the situation, as we can glean from the other factors that continue to challenge Japanese society.

    2. Unbalanced Demographics

    Japan, not unlike many developed ...

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    The Global Energy & Natural Resources team oversees interaction with customers in the energy, mining, utilities, and agriculture sectors. We also initiate and synchronize research in these fields, customizing regional evaluation into pin-point market intelligence, risk control, and strategic-planning support.

    Our customers include integrated oil firms, major mining multinationals, as well as many of the globe's prime global electric companies and power-generation utilities. Furthermore, we coordinate tightly with the Global Markets Group by supporting energy and commodity enterprise and sector analysis/portfolio management teams within investment companies. We also interact with the other client services groups on various strategic research endeavors and thematic seminars.

    Primary Services

    • Direct advisory services: We present quarterly commodity status reviews in person, tailor-fitted to customer interests within our wide range of thematic scope. Moreover, clients have full accessibility to Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets research group of directors and experienced top analysts over the phone or online. • Tailored projects & consulting: We offer a variety of bespoke services in coordination with Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets regional research teams, including market-entry evaluation, executive memos, monitoring support, strategic goal-setting, country assessments, and sector-intensive comparative risk scenario-setting...

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    Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is the prime global political-risk research and consulting company of the world. Our mission is to assist investors, companies, and public-sector institutions take advantage of the opportunities and control the risks produced by the effects of politics on markets around the globe. We furnish a channel for gifted, innovative, diligent professionals who are fervent on politics and policy — and their direct and longer-term consequences for global trade and finance.

    Values and Principles

    Elliott & Associates main objective is to offer to our various portfolios of clients with practical insight and excellent service; but our mission rises above what we accomplish to how we accomplish it. Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is dedicated to the highest ethical principles in our research projects, the supervision of dealings with our customers, the security of client privacy, and in all relations within our workforce. We strive to keep complete political and corporate freedom, to encourage openness in our work, and to provide a product that is unbiased. Our innovative methods are motivated by professionalism, not official position. By aiding our customers in making educated business and finance decisions, we aim to establish a clearer comprehension of the impact of politics on markets, a public need we are privileged to serve.

    Moreover, we are dedicated to provide significant professional growth opportun...

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    What We Do?

    **Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is the prime global political-risk research and consulting company of the world. We provide information and insights into current political events that affect markets in order to assist clients foresee and react to volatility and opportunities wherever they conduct business.


    Founded in 2012, the company's title shows its early focus in Asia and Europe, but at present our research scope is worldwide. Our analysts keep an eye on political, social, economic, and security developments in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America. They also observe cross-border issues such as trade, energy and other commodities, financial regulation, global health, and climate change. Our fields of concern include the following:

    • Governance and politics • Economic indicators • Regulatory issues • Security • International and regional relations • Social trends and developments

    Key Services

    Our clients — coming from various financial institutions to multinational corporations to government agencies — seek our guidance as they pursue their business in volatile environments. In 2012, we developed the financial community's global political risk index to gauge the relative stability of promising markets. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative evaluations to furnish prompt information on key political drivers globally and to emphasize international trends. We provide th...

Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets

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