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Mark Watson

Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia


Member since December 11, 2009

  • Design for All

    Community, Industrial Design


    The European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD) established the Design for All Foundation awards to recognise design to assist in access and disability

    The Tote shopping Trolley has been shortlisted for the 2011 award in the professional category

  • Biomic Design Theory

    Environment, Industrial Design


    In 1992 I undertook a Masters Degree at RMIT University with the then famous ‘National Key Centre for Design’ working with the Australian Indigenous (Koorie) Community in Victoria in a study of material culture.

    The view was to work with the community as a control group in comparing traditional artefact with contemporary items.

    At once the academic community railed against the research from a maternalistic ‘anti appropriationist’ stance through to the outright racist paternalist, thinking that nothing could be gained from the research.

    I transferred my Masters across to the Industrial Design faculty and succeeded in the research which is now considered the field of 'Design Anthropology'.

    Biomic Design was the theory establish, which called for designers to shift from human-centred design to place the environment or ‘biome’ at the centre of their consideration in designing product.

    This was recently (2010) made prominent by Mercedes Benz with the naming of their concept car the ‘Biome’.

    I have posted an extract from my 1997 thesis which was first aired at the 1997 Interior Architect and Designer Federation (IFI) Conference, “A Sense of Place” in Killarney, Ireland.

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    Mark Watson Design Providence

  • Design Mentor - Launchpad

    Education, Industrial Design


    Judging new talent in product / furniture design in the Indesign Launchpad competition 2010

    Written some words for Indesign DQ for Octobe issue #39

  • System Design

    Arts & Culture

    Joined the research programme in System design

    Interesting article from the Design Council UK

    Links to my work around Sedition of the Gift were collaboration rather than appropriation brings best design outcomes.

    What are your thoughts


  • Design Education


    Recently commissioned by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority to scope curriculum changes to the Victorian Certificate of Education (Senior Secondary) for 'Systems Engineering' subject

  • Social Innovation Research Priority

    Environment, Environmental Design

    The Australian Government has identified Social Innovation as one of two Research Priorities for 2010.

    After 12 years of conservative government, at last a ray of light.

Design assists in the creation of the Human Biome

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