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Curitiba’s Mr. Clean votes

Community, Environmental Design

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  • chetan ks

    chetan ks

    bangalore, karnataka, India

    Designer (architecture)

    Creativity is knowing your boundaries and then conciously stepping out......

  • Turtle Heart / Hua Jai Thao / หัวใจเต่า

    Turtle Heart / Hua Jai Thao / หัวใจเต่า

    Thalang, Thailand

    Global Communications

    Environmental Cooperation with the Heart of a Turtle

  • Eliseu Santos

    Eliseu Santos

    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Designer (Product Design)

    Social Design is a bridge between two worlds.

  • Michael Easler

    Michael Easler

    Minneapolis, MN, United States

    "If the people who make the decisions are the people who bear the consequences, perhaps better designs will result."

  • Orlando Oyola

    Orlando Oyola

    Jackson HTS, United States

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  • Jennifer Nichols

    Jennifer Nichols


    Communication Designer

    What will endure is what is uniquely human – Jennifer Leonard

  • Cristian Ordóñez

    Cristian Ordóñez

    Santiago, Chile

    Designer (Graphic Design)

  • Acolyte


    Brooklyn, NY, United States


  • Geoffrey Bodson

    Geoffrey Bodson

    Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium

    Sustainable design expert /trainer

  • Gonzalo Cardenas

    Gonzalo Cardenas

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    To be updated by member