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Gaston Hadden


Member since February 08, 2014

  • The Avanti Law Group: Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Services

    Community, Communication Design

    Too many consumers feel that their debts are overwhelming and there is nothing they can do other than file a bankruptcy. Due to lack of information, many consumers turn prematurely to bankruptcy. We can help you avoid bankruptcy by settling your unsecured debts on your behalf.

    We can help you settle some or all of the following:

    • Medical bills

    • Credit cards

    • Department store cards

    • Personal loans

    • Student loans

    • Bounced checks

    • And many others

    However, there are situations where filing for bankruptcy might be the best option to get a fresh start. If so, Avanti Law Group, we will explain the bankruptcy process and help you understand your rights. We Are A Debt Relief Agency Representing People Filing For Bankruptcy Relief Under The Bankruptcy Code.

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design