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Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 04, 2009

A multi talented moroccan artist, an ex Rapper, you can check out the page of my band here : I've been featured 3 times on a british magazine called Platform (independant hip hop mag) : 1st time it was my picture on the header of their website , 2nd preview with poster of my band , 3rd time an interview with my band , plus few unofficially interviews on international & local radios.

I Also Customize kicks hats tees , i've been doin it for years now , i use waterproof paintin & it doesnt wash off my Artwork is already internationalized.

I customized for clients from : France-Paris : ( 4 shoes: 2 haroun adidas, Puma, Scred Conection Adidas ). United States - New Jersey ( Lauren Nike air max) . Poland (Katie Converse - Hello Katie) Spain - Barcelona ( Yahya tee, Hat & kicks Ecko red) Norway - Oslo (Marius) Morocco naming few : Sponge bob , Muhsin , Beautiful, Cousin.s, Oucharik, Zdomoyed..etc) more to come soon & always workin on somethin new.

Im into photography too , not a professional but i try to take good ones that has unique idea & different from what you see everyday ..

Im a Self-thaught Artist & im here to promote what i do & make for the world to see!


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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design