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  • Corliss Engine Review TRIAD Advantages

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    Corliss Engine Review TRIAD Advantages

    Boiler Sequencing

    Another simple process that TRIAD utilizes in its boiler operations is that of sequencing. Knowing what it is and how it works allows users to fully maximize their equipment’s use and economic life.

    TRIAD Boilers can be sequenced through the use of control panels, allowing users to enjoy many benefits, including:

    • Temperature set-back during reduced-heat requirement, especially at night or during weekends. • Adjustments for latent heat to make full use of hot boiler-water that retains heat after the burner has shut down. • Outdoor reset based on atmospheric temperatures. • Monitoring of return-water temperatures to maintain accurate heating output.

    This process of sequencing can also be easily applied in our boilers that use the control panels of any other major boiler manufacturer.

    Quicker Assembly

    All TRIAD hot-water and steam boilers are completely-assembled, packaged-products, which offer several advantages over boilers that need to be installed at the jobsite. Obviously, there are several advantages to this TRIAD feature, namely:

    • On-site installation labor costs are reduced. • Greater and more consistent quality control is achieved at the factory than onsite. • The facility of installation of modular boilers leads to faster start-up.

    Ease in Maintenance

    TRIAD boilers are easy to clean.

    To maintain boiler efficiency and longer boiler life, heating surfaces must be kept clean at all ...