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nathan hall

United Kingdom

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  • Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours’ Tips for a Money Saving Road Trip

    Community, Environmental Design


    Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours that is based in Singapore offers you this tips for a money saving road trips that will sure to cut your budget wile still having the time of your life.

    Drive thru should be not an option:

    It will cut the thrill as fast foods tend to get boring and it will cost you more than you think. Add a little excitement to your road trip by stopping and trying out local food and it will find it less costly. Figure out ways to cut down on meals, look for early bird specials, spot on mega meals that are very cheap. You will sure to find big dinners for a few bucks. Main roads usually offer expensive foods, get off of the main road and find real cheap and exquisite treats. Jakarta street foods can also be a good idea, especially at local celebrations. They are generally safe to eat.

    Save on snacks: You may think that a little stop for some snacks wouldn’t hurt, but it reality, snacks are big budget killers while you are on a road trip. Come and think of it, how much is a bag of Cheetos cost or a Fritos maybe. Tempting, isn’t it, just a one stop away at any convenience store? Why not pick-up cheaper chips at the grocery store in economy-sized bags instead and get roughly twice as much for your money. Or better yet prepare your own snack-to-go before leaving the house. And do not forget to bring a cooler and load it up with your beverage of choice and buy them from somewhere cheaper.

    Stay for free:

    Add a little spice on your trip and try camping instead of checking in in hotels. Camping for free is as easy to pull off. In addition, it is more fun than any traditional get-away.

    Find the cheapest gas:

    You must be very prepared for gas, have a full tank at once and prepare extra gallons. And more especially do this in the cheapest station.

    Save gas while driving:

    Here are a few simple gas-saving tips that will help you save a lot of road trip money: • Turn off the AC -- it hogs the gas faster than you can say. Plus isn’t it great to feel the fresh air and appreciate your road trip. • Burning rubber burns gas unnecessarily so what you need to do is ease off the pedal well prior to a stop sign and coast to a stop; take off in a mellow manner. • Inflate tires to close to max -- carry a teeny tire gauge and read the tire's side. • Avoid floors-it-for-you cruise control. • Don't speed. Wastes gas and one ticket can destroy a summer road trip budget.

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