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Magalie Pedrono

Nantes, France


Member since May 22, 2007

Magalie Pedrono - Student in Nantes at l'EDNA (5th and final year of design)
Working on "Design and Responsible Consumption"

Initially formed as industrial designer, I don't find interests any more to be working in a domain in which the main purpose is to create objects for mass consumption, because in my opinion, it's not the better way to improve people's quality of life. That's why for 2 years already, I have directed myself towards the social design in order to collaborate to companies which try to meet needs emanating for the society itself and not to satisfy their only egoistic desires of development, that in order to create products and services centered on the real human needs (health, education, culture etc.).

Moreover, in connection with the recent ecological and social awakenings, I am now in search of another way to exercise my creativity so it serve for the development of responsible lifestyles, by proposing alternative systems which make it possible to adopt a reduced and reasoned consumption, for example. I use now design's tools and strategy in order to attract the consumers towards more responsible behaviors, and to gradually allow them to be autonomous (in their acts, their thought etc.).
So I consider my job like a “help with the transition” and my main motivation is anchored in the emergency there is to change massively in our Western way of life. I would like to contribute by offering adapted services.

I am therefore interested in all that is sustainable design, social design and slow design…

Degree project about Sustainable Clothing
I'm currently working on the creation of a system (product and/or service) socially responsible and economically viable which allows the people having chosen to live according to the principles of voluntary simplicity to dress themselves according to their desires while respecting their convictions. To contribute thus, while moving away from the current models of consumption to reduce pollution related to the overproduction of clothing.

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Strategic Design for Sustainability and Social Innovation
Service and Systems Design
Re-Design in collaboration with Craft Industry (part of slow design)
Communication Design

French: mother tongue
English and Spanish: very good level

German: average level (learnt at school)
Portuguese and Italian: basic level (just started learning)

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French Red Cross - Volunteer

[poliglot] - Creative Collective for Sustainable Ways of Life

Strategic Design for Sustainability

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design