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  • What do you think about the future of design education?



    What do you think about the future of design education?

    That is a serious question about today's design industry. I think the future of the design education should be included the content of the Design Entrepreneurship and the Design Business into it.

    The designer have creativity, innovation, but lack of business sense and marketing sense to create products/ designs to improve the country's economics. To cope up with the technologies and the industries in the education are really important. In the report of High Level Skills for Higher Value report, It stated that "businesses are no longer competing solely on cost but also on added value, and design is a key component in the creation of desirable products and services." That's means that the design education should be involved the business skills that equivalent to the industry so that the design student may gain knowledge on what they have learnt and apply what they learnt in their future career.

    Design education should help the student to learn up-to-date technology skills, the globalization knowledge, design strategies for the design business in order to line up with the market of the world. I agreed one of the point in the report stated that: "To strengthen partnerships between education and industry and ensure that design students in colleges and universities have the right skills". Also, i think design education should be involved the content of the needs of the global world in the future, how to improve people's living? Therefore, working with the industry is important in the design education that's help the students to understand the real world's needs and think globally.

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