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  • Lake_bondhus_norway_177_

    In fact, many of the roads in Norway are closed or otherwise inaccessible the rest of the year. The weather can be beautiful in the southern and urban areas.

    In the northern parts of the country however, it can be very cold.

    If you’re planning on traveling much farther north than Oslo, you will need a warm jacket, hat, gloves, etc.

    Good to know before you travel

    Passport and visa requirements On arrival in Norway, you must show a valid passport or other official document that satisfactorily establishes your identity and nationality.

    Travelling with pets. Norway is one of few European countries where rabies is not found, and every precaution is being taken to maintain this status.

    Dogs, cats and ferrets from all EU countries must have pet passports, ID marking and valid rabies vaccination. Dogs must also be given approved tapeworm treatment, minimum 24 and maximum 120 hours before arrival.

    Small rodents, cage birds and rabbits must have valid import permits issued by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

    What clothes should I pack? Whatever the season, the Norwegian weather is liable to change from day to day. So it is a good idea to bring a selection of items.

    Your luggage should include some light clothes, items you can layer (that way you can add or remove layers depending on temperature), at least one warm jumper, waterproof coat and/or umbrella and comfortable walking shoes/boots/trainers.

    If you go during the winter, you will need an overcoat, scarf, gloves an...

  • Travel-buddies-3_132_

    Whether we’re innocently stalking our crush on Facebook or tweeting our deepest feelings into the depths of cyberspace, our iDevices have become integral to our daily social networking needs. Knowing this, app creators work tirelessly to come up with new ways to integrate various aspects of life into a social framework – new reasons to connect people. In this regard, developer Toby Gunston has come across a rather unique proposition: we all love to travel, but who wants to travel alone? That’s where Travel Buddies comes in…

    The Travel Buddies app is the the mobile component of an already successful online hub for world travellers, and brings with it a rather useful suite of social functions for holiday-makers, road trippers and weekend wanderers. Aimed at users with a penchant for meeting new people and discovering new places, Travel Buddies builds a social network around the concept of looking for travel partners.

    It’s a simple yet well executed idea: once your profile is set up, you’re free to look for likeminded people planning trips in your area or travellers who will be following a similar route to yours. Perhaps you’re lining up a European boat tour but are looking to make a few friends along the way? Just load your travel plans on your Travel Buddies profile, and you can easily zone in on users who will be in the same area at the time. Whether its a continent-spanning road trip or a weekend getaway, there’s bound to be someone with the same idea in mind. Alte...

  • The Corliss Group Review: Evoc Bike Bag Review

    Community, Industrial Design


    Taking your bike overseas can feel like more hassle than it's worth. Thankfully, the Evoc Travel Bike Bag is here to help, writes Jonny Cooper.

    A confession: the first time I took my bike abroad, it took me two and a half hours to pack it adequately into my bike box. Like many modern cyclists, the value of my bike is (shamefully) disproportionate to my mechanical know-how; I hesitated over every dismantling step, fearful that I'd never be able to put the thing back together again. And then there was the tetris-like puzzle of working out how to squeeze the fractured mess into a box that felt like nothing more than an oversized Samsonite suitcase. Those two and a half hours were far from fun.

    So, taking a bike abroad can be a stressful experience - and that's long before you've even reached the airport and signed over your prized steed to the absentmindedly boisterous attentions of the baggage handlers. When it came out the other end, my rear derailler hanger was bent out of shape and I had to find a mechanic to come to my rescue.

    In the context of such a fluffed transit, the Evoc Travel Bike Bag is a minor Godsend. This structurally strong canvas bag has been well designed to hold and protect a road or mountain bike with a minimum of fuss.

    To get your bike into the bag, you take off both wheels and pedals, and unhinge the handlebars (they stay connected to the frame via the brake and gear cables). The frame and bars fit into the bag's main cavity, where a succession of adj...

  • Image_177_

    Tips to keep your food safe while traveling

    What makes summer fun – the picnics, the cookouts, the family reunions, the road trips, the beach vacations – often involves traveling with food.

    It’s a challenge to keep food safe from pesky bacteria that can make people sick and choose dishes that provide maximum flavor.

    We gathered advice from experts well-versed in the art of traveling with food: DeeDee Stovel, a former caterer from Northern California who wrote “Picnic: 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus,” and two North Carolina authors who have written tailgating cookbooks, Debbie Moose of Raleigh, author of “Fan Fare: A Playbook of Great Recipes for Tailgating or Watching the Game at Home,” and Taylor Mathis of Charlotte, author of “The Southern Tailgating Cookbook.”


    • Follow sanitary practices when preparing food. Wash hands before handling ingredients, especially raw meat. Don’t cut raw meat and vegetables on the same cutting board.

    • Choose ingredients that are safer to eat outdoors in hot weather. Skip mayonnaise-based dressings for salads; try dressings with oil and vinegar or some other acid. Avoid dips and spreads that are heavy on dairy products, such as cream cheese or heavy cream; serve salsa instead.

    • Chill food thoroughly before packing it in a cooler. Stovel said, “Don’t cool (food) in the cooler.”


    • Cold food needs to be kept at 40 degrees or below to prevent bacterial growth. The key, Moose said, is “ice and more i...

  • Lukijoiden_travel_vinkkejä_cool_budjettihotellia_kohteessa_scandinavia_177_

    Onko sinulla tyylikäs mutta kohtuuhintaista majoitusta pricy Norjassa, Ruotsissa tai Tanskassa lowdown? Jaa vinkkisi Scandinavian henkilökunnastaan ja voit voittaa £200 hotellivahvistus

    Pörinä vilkas tai rauhallisesta ja pois kaikki: Kerro suosikki edullinen mutta covetable hotel Skandinaviassa.

    Parhaat vinkit näkyy tulostettuna ensi viikonloppuna matka ja voittaja, valittu mennessä Tom Hall of Lonely Planet, saavat £200 hotellivahvistus, jolloin pysyt tuhansissa paikoissa eri puolilla maailmaa. Lähetä Vinkkejä napsauttamalla sinistä painiketta ja käyttämällä teksti-välilehden kokeilla ja sisältää niin paljon tietoa kuin mahdollista – sijainti, www-osoitteet jne – ja voit lisätä kuvan, jos sinulla on tekijänoikeus sitä, mutta se on tekstiä meidän päätellen! Kärki olisi noin 100 sanaa. Säännöt ja ehdot.

    Sulkee 16 heinäkuuta 2014 6 am GMT

    GuardianWitness on koti Guardian käyttäjien tuottamaa sisältöä. Video, kuvia ja tarinoita ja Selaa uutisia, arvosteluja ja vielä muiden esittämiä luomuksia. Viestit tarkistetaan ennen julkaisemista GuardianWitness ja parhaita paloja ominaisuus Guardian päällä.

    The Corliss Group Tour Packages tips

  • Shanghai-poster-ar_2794680b_177_

    Power of the poster

    The taxi driver left us in a quiet residential area. There were no signs to indicate the existence of the Propaganda Poster Art Centre in Shanghai. We entered a block of flats, walked down long corridors, past front doors and a windowless flight of stairs to a plain wooden door with a tattered handwritten sign on it. The furtiveness of it made it feel illegal. The small museum was packed with more than 5,000 posters which, up to 1979, were a very powerful tool for propaganda.

    The power of the exaggeratedly happy facial features in the early posters and the presence of red-and-black art style, promoting Chairman Mao and the Cultural Revolution in the later ones, were evocative. Photographs showed the posters and political slogans daubed over buildings. It was surreal to be in a secretive, windowless basement in China and actually see and imagine the ways that public opinion had been moulded in former times.

    Judy Langworthy, from Derbyshire, wins a walking holiday with Mickledore

    Creative Corner

    Queenstown, New Zealand – on every street corner it seems there is an opportunity to buy an adventure: rafting, bungee-jumping, zip wire, jetboat - the list seems endless in the macho atmosphere of the adrenalin capital of the world. But turn the corner into Beach Street and at No 45 you find a complete contrast. For this is the gallery of New Zealand’s leading landscape artist, Tim Wilson, who paints the spectacular world of the Southern Alps and Fiordland on a...

  • Beach-in-la-graciosa-cana-008_177_ The Canary Island that tourism forgot, Greece and Portugal set to be this year's star destinations and Cotswolds villages. Why go? A half-hour ferry hop from Lanzarote, this is the Canary isle that tourism forgot. There's just one village, sleepy little Caleta del Sebo, with a smattering of whitewashed houses and sandy lanes (there are no surfaced roads on the island) and in winter the glorious beaches, volcanic peaks and dive sites are virtually empty. What to do There are no "sights" as such: people come here for the sunshine, silence and sense of escape. Take a water taxi or Jeep to the white-sand beaches of Playa de las Conchas or Playa de la Cocina – among the most beautiful in the Canaries – or explore Europe's largest marine reserve on a dive trip ( Where to stay There are no hotels – just a handful of private apartments and simple pensions. Casa Rio in Caleta del Sebo is a bright, well-equipped two-bedroom apartment with sea views from the roof terrace (from €560 per week, Where to eat Cafe Mesón de La Tierra has the best views of the harbour and the menu del día is great value at €7 (00 34 679 955 969). El Girasol (Calle la Popa 2) is the place to go for fresh seafood – the "vieja", or parrotfish, is a local speciality. Insider tip Adrian Fisk, owner of Casa Rio, recommends taking a boat to Playa del Risco on Lanzarote – a long stretch of fine, golden sand that lies under the spectacular cliffs of...

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