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Martin Mendelsberg

Denver, CO, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since August 12, 2009

  • Hierarchy and Community

    Community, Communication Design


    HIERARCHY AND COMMUNITY is a set of posters questioning relationships between hierarchical structures in businesses, organizations and educational institutions. Most of us are more comfortable and productive in settings that nurture individual voices, talents and skills. Healthy organizations understand and acknowledge that good ideas come from anyone within the company. In academic settings the same is true, vibrant classrooms exhibit intense interaction between teachers and students. Of course easier said than done. Experience teaches me that productive learning environments empower student-centered teams engaged with problems that directly impact their later professional practice. Best business practices also nurture and empower problem-solving teams. Notice the posters above, hierarchy is the dominating idea even the sound of the word is angular and interrupted. Once a community is destroyed due to economic, political, or personality conflicts any rebuilding process is almost impossible. The puppets on the right have been propped up but look far more distressed. The lesson here, work everyday to preserve a sense of well-being and community no matter where you are. Seth Godin’s book, Tribes is a small jewel illuninating leadership and healthy communities.


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