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Nancy Kenney

Steamboat Springs, United States


Member since August 11, 2009

  • Sentimental Value has Environmental Impact

    Environment, Environmental Design


    My grandmother recently passed away and like so many other families, mine had to go through all her treasures and figure out what to do with her furniture. As we walked around the house, as we have so many times in our lives, we really had an opportunity to face reality and think about what to do with so many pieces of old fine furniture.

    I found that we had many discussions about who would take what and what would end up in the landfill. I was pleased with my families desire to salvage as many pieces of furniture and other personal items as possible. We donated some to the Salvation Army, gave some of her belongings to the Church and other family members, and then three of us split pieces amongst ourselves.

    We had the daunting task of filling a dumpster to be picked up the next day with the items that really were not worth keeping in the end. As items were being placed into the dumpster a man and his pickup truck stopped by to see if he could take any pieces we did not want. Another man’s trash was truly another man’s treasure and an opportunity for this unemployed man to take advantage of a situation and sell stuff to make a little extra cash. I was pleased to be helping this man out and pleased fewer items would end up where ever the dumpster was going in the end.

    My share of furniture and other treasured belongings just arrived on a moving truck and made its way across the U.S. from Connecticut to Colorado, a small load by any moving means, but full of life and vigor, as was my grandmother. I did my best and researched eco-friendly moving companies in order to reduce my environmental footprint. I ended up with a national moving company who did make efforts to use local companies as much as possible. In the end, my furniture is home with all the memories and smells of my grandmother still intact.

    Sentimental value is priceless. Sentimental value is eco-friendly because old furniture will continue to have a life and a new life at that. My grandmother was 92 when she passed away and so was my grandfather just a few years back. My new furniture has been around for as long as I can remember and been in my family well before my lifetime and passed on through generations. The cost to move the furniture was well worth the price in the end because the actual value of the furniture may not be all that much, its the value of the environmental impact to our future and its sentimental value that make it priceless.

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For the love of furniture and the environment.

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