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Karsten Gjefle

Oslo, Norway

Director, SuSan Design

Member since August 05, 2009

  • Can designers create the sanitation revolution?

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Industrial design has to play a crucial role in the creation of solutions for the 2,6 BILLION (not million - billion!) people that today have no toilet available to them. About a billion live in urban slums - the rest in peri urban or rural settings mostly in Africa and Asia.

    The human cost on no sanitation is very high both in terms of the number of people dieing of waterborne disease but also the dignity aspect of not being safe while doing the most natural thing in the world.

    How can we organize the design phase and get the partners together to assure that we at least have 20 million new users of the systems we make within just a few years...

    Inspiration can be found on our web site: Sustainable Sanitation Design

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