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Karsten Gjefle

Oslo, Norway

Director, SuSan Design

Member since August 05, 2009

After social sciences, economics and African history at University I started working for development organizations in Norway, Morocco and Southern/Eastern Africa. In the 1990s it was considered out of touch to talk about value creation and business development in the development community. Leaving the aid community to work with transnational EU financed project groups combining different skills to reach common goals it was fascinating to work with designers. During my time as project manager for Design without Borders I understood the great capacity of industrial and service design when complex solutions need to be put in place.

The sanitation challenge with 2,6 billion people demanding solutions industrial designers and the worlds innovators have to push the agenda. Unfortunately the development community has failed in providing solutions and so far the business community has not cared enough about the other 90%.

This project is about cooperation - bringing the skills together and transforming the knowledge from agricultural science, the NGO community and the business savvy to create ownership structures suited to the local culture and the needed products to make it possible to reach millions of users on a daily basis.

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Initiator of Sustainable Sanitation Design.

SuSan Design is a business minded foundation focusing on bringing sanitation facilities to users in developing countries. We work by using research from agricultural sciences and industrial design to improve products and implementation strategies.

The Susan Design strategy is to create income by bringing back the nutrients from human excreta as a safe agricultural input for professional farmers. The treatment technology for solids is developed by Uppsala University and is transformed to a safe soil improvement product. The urine is in itself a natural fertilizer. All toilets are to be designed as urine diversion toilets.

We are confident that it is possible to leapfrog the current water based technology going directly to sustainable sanitation structures in urban areas, in schools and within the private household. The development of Sustainable Sanitation Design will involve research, industrial design, social entrepreneurs, communities and all other willing actors that have the courage to stand up for the millions who every day are without the essential service of safe sanitation.

LGTSOOT (Let's get the shit out of town)

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