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Gregory Mcferrin


Member since January 06, 2014

  • Stevenson and Company: The Stevenson Advantage

    Community, Communication Design


    Our primary strength is our ability to maximize the value you receive when you buy or sell a company. We seek to thoroughly understand your objectives and then develop a strategy to achieve them by providing:

    Professional Representation Stevenson & Company can conduct and manage the transaction process more aggressively and discreetly than most clients can do themselves. That can mean attracting a more select and better-qualified buyer.

    Objective Viewpoint By working with Stevenson & Company, you gain the critical perspective of an outside party to complement your company’s own management, attorney and accountant, not only in the valuation of your company but in establishing your sale or acquisition objectives.

    *Confidentiality * Confidentiality is sometimes critical to the success of a transaction. We focus on confidentiality throughout the sales process. It starts with our business card (no titles, no company slogans) and continues with discussions between you and the companies we contact. We do our utmost to ensure that your employees, vendors and customers are unaware any sales process is underway.

    Market Experience Our unique knowledge of the market and of specific buyers and sellers gives your company an edge in identifying and working effectively with the most qualified prospects. Stevenson & Company uses our over 30 years of experience to help you:

    • Level the playing field when dealing with a corporation, private equity group or other professional buyer
    • Recast financials and help develop and present your growth opportunities to support a premium price to prospective buyers
    • Prepare marketing materials that excite the potential buyer, materials that go beyond the company’s historical performance and highlight future -business potential
    • Benefit both financially and emotionally from our experience in closing deals

    Research and Database Support When you work Stevenson & Company, you gain access to more buyers through our domestic and international contacts and with our investment in research, databases and search services. As a result, you save time and your company benefits from a highly targeted sales or acquisition program.

    Deal "Momentum" We have an excellent record of closing deals through an aggressive sales campaign. Time is often the enemy in closing transactions and deal momentum is important. We focus on the engagement and push the process to completion. Unlike you, the business owner, intermediaries are expected to push buyers and can make frequent contact without hurting relationships or weakening your negotiating position.

    Negotiation and Financing Assistance Another significant advantage is our experience and skill in structuring deals. We help negotiate the deal on your behalf, focusing on both the price and terms of the transaction. Deal terms are often more important than price and these issues can be difficult to negotiate without third party assistance.

    Professional Resources We act as the quarterback for your deal team. This includes coordinating and working with your lawyer and accountant to enhance communication between parties. And our firm has established trusted affiliations with respected attorneys, accountants, bankers, and appraisers who specialize in mergers and acquisitions of closely-held companies and who can be added to the team when needed.

    In summary, our business experience, knowledge and guidance benefit our clients. Selling or buying a business is both a challenging and rewarding experience. It provides a number of ups and downs for owners. We guide you through this complex process and provide critical feedback at every step.

    Simply put, our help can mean a great deal.

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Gregory Mcferrin

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