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helen wu

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  • Important Inspection of Hammer Crusher

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    It’ll be dangerous if the crusher started to work without inspection. A loose screw can crash the airplane, so the small problem may cause danger to people if the small problems are not found. So it is very important to inspect the hammer crusher before using it to keep the stone crusher as well as the people who operate it safe. Life is more important than any other things in the world. So regular inspection of hammer crusher ensures the quality of machine and avoids unexpected danger happen. The follows are the steps and items of inspection of hammer crusher.

    Inspection before start:

    The most important thing is setting safety protection facilities and tags in dangerous position. Then check all the lubrication and hydraulic equipment if they are filled with standard lubrication grease and operation medium. Then inspect the inside body of stone crusher to see if any metal or other materials are left. If so, clean the inside body as soon as possible. And then, to make sure if the repair person has left the operating place. After that, check all the fastening parts to see if they are fastened or not and fasten the loose parts immediately. Then, you should make sure that all the doors and inspection plates are closed. And the surrounding of all the doors and inspection plates should be covered a thick layer of lubricating grease before closed to ensure better tightness. At last, check the main drive gear bearing to make sure platinum thermistor which is the temperature measurer of turn daughter bearing and main dynamo connect well. And make sure the end of platinum thermistor links well with t he outside of bearing.

    Inspection during the operation:

    When the crusher is operating, all moving parts shall be checked if go well and no abnormal vibration or noise occur. We shall make sure the temperature off all bearings can’t be over 50℃ and no leakage phenomenon appears at all the lubricating parts and hydraulic systems. And the transport belt can’t be chewed or skid during operation.

    There are more attention should be paid to during inspection. The humidity of materials can’t be over 8%. The longest side of materials can never exceed the length of 1800mm. And the length of materials should be controlled between 800mm and 1000mm when the crusher operate normally. The start of hammer crusher must keep the order of dust-cleaning system, belt transmission, crusher and apron conveyor. And the shutdown order of this equipment is apron conveyor, hammer crusher, belt transmission and at last the dust-cleaning system. There must be intervals between the start and shut down of the neighbor equipment. In the crushing system, the belt transmission must be locked together with apron conveyor but not the crusher. The feeder will stop working when the belt transmission breaks down, but the crusher won’t stop operating until all the materials inside are crushed. The crusher has to be locked with apron conveyor so the apron conveyor will stop turning as soon as crusher breaks down.

    Only all the necessary inspection did will the operation be safe and operators’ safe can be ensured.

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