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Erin Cuddy


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  • The Koyal Training Group: UK fraud specialist launches in Australia

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    VFM Services, a desktop claims handler and trainer, is making its conversation management tool and training offering available in Australia.

    In order to help tackle an estimated industry cost of A$2bn a year, VFM is offering an outsourced claims management service in addition to accredited training in counter fraud.

    VFM Services has worked with major UK insurers across lines including household, motor and travel, to help them identify and manage fraudulent insurance claims. Its conversation management technique, is based on a combination of behavioral psychology and communication skills, and is aimed at identifying spurious claims over the telephone.

    Sally Griffiths, director at VFM, commented: "Geographically, distance is an issue for Australian insurers. As well as deterring the opportunist fraudster, VFM ensures that accurate evidence is gathered in the early stages of the claim, meaning that loss adjusters and investigators are presented with real evidence from the insurer before they take the often long trek out to the claimant. This results in more focused investigation work and ultimately, more proven frauds."

    VFM will also be launching its counter fraud training to the Australian insurance market for all customers facing staff in the industry including claims handlers, brokers and loss adjusters. Its ERA training programme, accredited by the University of Portsmouth, delivers conversation management skills needed by investigators to identify and manage fraudulent claims over the telephone. In addition, VFM offers the Accredited Counter Fraud Technician qualification.

    Griffiths added: "We are excited to be launching our services in Australia and look forward to engaging more closely with the industry to share our best practice techniques and help insurers combat this crime in a way which treats the honest customer fairly, protects brand loyalty and customer service, whilst still putting a stop to fraud."

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