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Marushka Grogan

indianapolis, indiana, United States

Community-Based Designer

Member since July 19, 2009

Will the design significantly aid the sustainability of the environment? Can it make life easier for some group that has been marginalized by society? Can it ease pain? Will it help those who are poor, disenfranchised or suffering? Will it save energy or – better still – help to gain renewable energies? Can it save irreplaceable resources? (Victor Papanek, 1995) The Green Imperative.

I explore these questions through my work in social design, which I use to address water-related issues. I chose water as my point of concentration on the premise that, in research as in ecosystems, everything is dependent upon water. Central to my work is the question of how water resource management fits into the broader global network of immediate human needs; the supply structures that attempt to meet those needs; and the environmental capacities those supply structures are dependent on.

My longterm goal is to create a multi-disciplinary design team to address global water needs in areas where cultural minorities are separate from the mainstream culture and water management/quality is more fragile due to political, economic, structural and environmental issues. Because of water’s influence on security and economy, such a team could have impact far beyond the water sector by negotiating the skills necessary to create more effective models of water access, management, sanitation and perceptions. Such a team would focus on networking shared water interests into partnerships between economic, community and policy-maker interests, with the goal of long-lasting solutions built on multi-sector water education, project/systems innovation and conflict-resolution. I envision this to function as either a non-governmental organization or as a governmental contractor.

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Giving Voice

Community, Communication Design

Posted September 19, 2008
By Jeremy Lehrer

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I identify needs and connect them to creative, intuitive solutions.

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