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Pradeep Sharma

Mumbai, India

Solution Architect

Member since May 22, 2007

Mostly my career revolves around technical and business related processes of any common telecom company.from last 3-4 years But I try to give time to my interests like elementary education for children in India, exploring different methodology for improving human life, if people are deprived of basic amenities in our societies. Im also exploring the possibility for making these interest areas as my full time working areas.

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its a great attempt


its a great attempt to put attention towards such issues,.

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Human Rights Final Poster 8 of 25


Posted August 08, 2008
By elisa ruffino

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Arts and Culture, Elementary Education, Politics. Im mostly do things as an my hobby. So very less time is devoted to these areas. But I'm trying if I can involve my self in these particular areas fully.

Though I'm computer science graduate but keen on understanding different design aspects in different areas.

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