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  • Exercise Rehab London

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    If you are suffering from shoulder or back pain that just won't go away, if you have been injured at work or if you have arthritis that causes you regular discomfort, restricts your movements and affects your daily life, then you may benefit from some exercise rehab London. Trained professionals will assess your condition and determine whether or not you could benefit from any of the treatments available. These can include one or more of hydrotherapy sessions, gym-based fitness exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, joint mobility exercises or stretching exercises. Once you have been assessed a rehabilitation program will be developed for you and you can commence treatment.

    One of the treatments regularly used as part of exercise rehab London is hydrotherapy, which involves the use of warm water to ease pain and enable the patient to move more easily. A hydrotherapy session can purely involve an underwater massage or may entail the patient completing gentle controlled exercises under the water. Hydrotherapy tends to be used more at the start of a rehabilitation program when an individual's movement is most restricted. It is generally used for people suffering from arthritis, or who have had an operation or suffered an injury. Hydrotherapy can be a very effective way to increase mobility in a patient.

    Exercise rehab London can be a very useful way to get someone mobile again after suffering an accident or injury. It is also well suited to those with arthritis or muscle imbalance problems around the shoulder, hip or knee joints. Lower back pain can also be addressed using exercises to strengthen the patient's core and therefore correct any bad posture causing the back pain. Using a variety of different exercises tailored to suit the specific injury or condition the exercise rehabilitation can be very successful and, depending on the injury, can return an individual from immobility to a normal daily life.

    We can see that exercise rehab London can be an ideal treatment program for anyone with lower back pain. It will not only provide treatment to ease the pain and improve mobility, but will give the patient the knowledge they need to know how to exercise effectively alone. People with relatively minor back pain are often advised to do gentle exercise, but many find this difficult as they are unsure how to do so. Equipped with their improved knowledge following sessions during their exercise rehabilitation, they are more likely to exercise safely at home and therefore further increase their chances of a quick recovery.

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