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Ebony Staton

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Senior Manager

Member since July 14, 2009

  • The International Exchange


    Known as TIE, this organization empowers communications and advertising professionals to create positive social change by igniting their passion and creating opportunities for them to use their knowledge and skills for good.

    Yes, we've all been on the side of our businesses that sell products and services, and that pays the bills, but the deeper layer to what is happening in our world involves more and requires more. TIE connects the dots of our industry to global culture, economy, knowledge and values and generates the "product" of endless possibilities for people and developing communities around the world.

    Check out this great article about them in AdAge:

    My question---with so much technology and innovation shifting and changing how we relate to each other, how does TIE empower developing countries to evolve with these trends while maintaining a true sense of their cultural history?


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