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  • Pain in the back London

    Peace, Communication Design

    Back pain London is unfortunately something that most people will suffer from at some point in their life. The pain can vary from a general ache throughout the back to more acute pain in a specific area. It often has a relatively minor cause, such as bending the back, rather than the knees, when lifting, making an awkward movement or maintaining an uncomfortable posture for a long period etc. In some cases the person suffering from the back pain will never know what actually caused it. Generally with some gentle exercise and painkillers it disappears within three months with no further cause for concern.

    There are several lifestyle choices that affect the likelihood of a person suffering from back pain London. For example if someone is overweight, the extra weight puts additional pressure on their spine, leaving it more vulnerable to injury. A pregnant woman clearly has the same additional risk due to the added weight of the baby that she is carrying. Stress can add tension to a person's body, which means that the back muscles are not relaxed and are more likely to become painful. Finally, certain medication taken long term also weakens bones, which means the spine is more likely to get damaged or cause back pain.

    While some back pain London is very general and minor, there are several different types of back pain that can be experienced. The back has bones, muscles, nerves, tissue and joints that can all cause pain. This can make it very difficult to determine exactly wher...