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Claudio Hirtzel

Bern, Switzerland


Member since December 19, 2013

  • Avanti Review Group on High Pressure Steam Boiler

    Communication, Industrial Design


    UNILUX Group boasts of its widest range of high-pressure boilers for various industrial applications.

    With our extensive available sizes and uniform construction throughout, UNILUX “HS” Series boilers make an excellent equipment recommended to plant engineers. The specially-designed UNILUX Group stainless-steel, knockout baffle traverses the whole length of the steam drum for maximum steam quality at the outlet.

    The UNILUX High-Pressure Steam Boiler produces unequalled quality of steam up to 99.9%. All UNILUX steam boilers boast rapid steam-generating periods of about 15 minutes to a head of steam from a cold start and will respond well to swing load conditions like no other boiler available in the market.

    Standard construction of UNILUX boilers is ASME Section I rated at 150 PSI. Pressures of up to 900 PSI are also available, if needed.

    UNILUX high-pressure steam boilers can also be availed as “FE” or Field-Erect units which require no welding on site whatsoever for installation. All UNILUX boilers have easy to remove and replace access-panels and replacing tubes is done without any welding or rolling (ferrule-fit models only). Double inspection/cleanout ports in all drums, industry-trusted operating/level and pump controls are mounted such that regular or daily boiler inspections are easily done.

    Factory-packaged units are standardized in design with the required ASME valve/piping package and are fully tested at our facility under the supervision of an Autho...

  • 450_x_387_177_

    No company can create a good reputation through accident or pure luck. There are certain standards or goals that we must set for ourselves and endeavour to achieve in time. Attaining the top-of-the-ladder level in any form of competition, especially in business and industry, requires a commitment to maintaining the standards we have begun to achieve and even surpassing them, if possible.

    UNILUX sees to it that every step in the manufacture of boilers takes this principle into consideration.

    The Construction Process in Brief The construction process involved for all UNILUX boilers room all begins with the vessel. Every vessel made consists of material strictly controlled, using only ASME-compliant material. This assures our users the best quality and performance of each unit based on industry-approved specifications.

    Amply-sized upper and lower drums are joined with large, external downcomer(s) which can enhance the boiler’s ability to attain maximum internal circulation. Tubes with a minimum diameter of 1.5”, SA 178 Grade “A” material are utilized. Tube sizes up to 2.5” diameter are commonly designed for boilers with higher capacities.

    When it comes to the boiler housing, UNILUX always opts for the most rigid material and design possible. Individual steel panels are produced with 11-gauge steel and reinforced by bending and provided with welded stiffeners all throughout.

    An exclusive feature utilized by UNILUX is the refractory design. We use a three-tier pour...

  • RETTSLIGE skritt kan tas mot campere i Bahrain som setter sine egne liv i fare ved bygging telt i farlige områder i ørkenen, som er der landets olje og gassfelt ligger.

    Noen bruke med høytrykks olje og gass rørledninger for å sikre sine telt under camping sesongen, som startet i slutten av oktober og ser tusenvis av folk hodet til Sakhir nyte kjøligere vinterværet.

    Mange ignorerer advarsler og sette opp leir i soner som off-limits fordi de er strødd med høyt trykk rørledninger og har giftige og brennbare hydrogensulfid (H2S) i luften, firmaet ansvarlig for feltet Bahrain.

    Det sa i de fleste land områder ble stengt for publikum, men mange mennesker ikke setter pris på risiko - selv kjører over rørledninger og tukling med dem.

    "Feltet Bahrain er et stort åpent anlegg uten et gjerde," forklarte Tatweer i en uttalelse.

    "Folk har åpen tilgang til Bahrain-feltet, som vanligvis ikke er tillatt i andre lignende felt i verden.

    Tatweer produserer olje og gass fra feltet og transporterer den til kundene gjennom et stort nettverk av rørledninger.

    "H2S er en vanlig gass som finnes i olje-og gassvirksomhet. Det er både giftige og brennbare - Bahrain-feltet er ikke annerledes.

    "Mens alle våre operasjoner er stengt og ingen H2S er ventilert luften i Tatweers operasjoner, det kan være noen tilfeller hvor det vil være tilstede på noen fasiliteter.

    "For å sikre bobiler, de oppfordres til å være utenfor fasiliteter ekskludering sone...