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    NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has denounced the UK’s emergency surveillance bill, criticizing the distinct lack of public debate it encompassed and its heightened powers of intrusion.

    During an exclusive interview in Moscow with the Guardian, the whistleblower suggested it was highly unusual for a state to process legislation so hastily other than at a time of acutely endangered national security.

    "I mean we don't have bombs falling. We don't have U-boats in the harbour”, he emphasised. Yet suddenly this legislation has become an absolute priority. "It defies belief", he said.

    Snowden found the duress with which the UK government processed the Data Retention and Investigation Powers Bill to be remarkable, comparing it to the Bush administration’s introduction of the Protect America Act in 2007. The Protect America Act was issued after the New York Times exposed a “warrantless wire-tapping programme” that was both illegal and “unconstitutional”, he stated.

    The UK government claims Britain’s emergency bill will preserve UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ access to data that is vital for “protecting national security and preventing serious crime.” According to Snowden, the case the US administration built to justify the Protection of America Act is notably similar.

    "I mean the NSA could have written this draft…They passed it under the same sort of emergency justification. They said we would be at risk. They said comp...

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    Technology and social media are great tools used to investigate insurance fraud, according to expert panelists who spoke at the recent Risk and Insurance Management Society conference in Denver.

    Susan LaBar, a risk manager for the bus company Coach USA/Megabus, and Scott Catron, senior vice president of Titan Investigative Alliance, provided tips for adjusters investigating suspected insurance fraud. LaBar said she regularly gathers comprehensive information on both workers’ compensation and general liability claims. When a claim occurs, LaBar requests a detailed, five page report. It contains requests for nicknames, email addresses, hobbies, children’s names and hobbies, work history, college information and even pet information. This information helps when it comes time to conduct an internet and social media background investigation.

    Catron discussed several technologies currently utilized in claims investigations. These include 3 D laser scanning, cross referencing multiple databases, mapping claims, remote surveillance and GPS and black boxes. He provided an example where mapping claims helped him discover two claimants that lived on the same street. This helped him when it came time to set up surveillance of the claimants.

    Used to monitor vehicles, GPS and black boxes can be can be programmed to provide tire and off route alerts, according to LaBar. In addition, she said they can help verify whether or not a bus was in an area that a claimant claims an accident o...

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    She’s no stranger to Welsh audiences, but the BBC’s Sian Lloyd is now a familiar sight to viewers across the whole of the UK, too. She tells Kirstie McCrum about early starts, alternative careers and heading up her second series of Crimewatch Roadshow

    Next time you see Sian Lloyd presenting BBC Breakfast, remember how much effort has gone into her pristine appearance on the sofa.

    The petite blonde who started out in the BBC Wales Bangor newsroom around 13 years ago has become a regular fixture on the big red sofa over the last year, but she says that the real heroes are the makeup team. “They do magical things – they’re magicians, those girls in the makeup department at Breakfast. They are fantastic. They can make anyone look good, which is a skill at that time of the morning.”

    But as well as propping her eyelids open for those early starts – “you have to be up at half past three – the middle of the night!” she laughs – Lloyd is about to launch another month of crimefighting telly, as she hits our screens for her second series of the Crimewatch Roadshow.

    The Crimewatch spin-off, now in its sixth series, is co-hosted by Lloyd and Rav Wilding, the programme’s male anchor since it started in 2009.

    For four weeks from Monday, the Crimewatch Roadshow takes to the streets of Britain to appeal directly to the public for help with unsolved cases.

    While Lloyd broadcasts out on location, Wilding appeals for help in the studio to find Wanted Faces, takes vi...

  • Compliance_177_

    Main site:

    Velkommen til OIGS overholdelse 101 webside. OIG udviklet de gratisundervisningsressourcer, der er opført på denne webside kan hjælpesundhedspersonale, praktiserende læger og leverandører forstår de sundhedspleje svigog misbrug love og konsekvenserne af at overtræde dem. Disse overholdelseuddannelse materialer kan også give ideer til måder at dyrke en kultur for overholdelseinden for dit eget helbred omhu organisation.

    Generel overholdelse uddannelse materialer

    Overholdelse af Program retningslinjer

    OIG har udviklet en serie af frivillig overholdelse program vejledninger rettet modforskellige segmenter i sundhedssektoren industrien, såsom hospitaler, plejehjem,tredjeparts-billers og varigt medicinsk udstyrsleverandører, til at fremme udvikling oganvendelse af interne kontrolelementer til at overvåge overholdelse af vedtægter,regler og kravene i programmet. Dokumenterne giver principper at følge når udvikle encompliance-program, der bedst passer til behovene i din organisation. Dokumenterneogså identificere svig og misbrug risici at holde øje med, når du opretter et program.

    Udbyder overholdelse uddannelse

    Overholdelse uddannelse widget nedenfor er links til gratis uddannelse afsundhedspersonale, overholdelse af fagfolk og advokater. OIGS udbyder overholdelseuddannelse var en opsøgende initiativ udviklet som en del af HHSS og US Departmentof Justice's Health Care svig og håndhævelse Action Team.


  • Texas Investigated More than 550 Insurance Fraud Cases in 2013

    Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit opened investigations into more than 550 insurance fraud cases in 2013.

    More than $10.3 million in insurance fraud was identified in criminal cases referred for prosecution in 2013, the department said. Court-ordered restitution for cases that reached final adjudication during this same period totaled more than $7.5 million.

    “The amount of insurance fraud committed in Texas is growing and the schemes to make false claims for insurance benefits are becoming more complex,” Texas Insurance Commissioner Julia Rathgeber said. “I would like to thank local prosecutors for their diligent efforts to combat fraud with all of the tools available to them. Together, we can build a strong line of defense against these crimes.”

    These are the fraud unit’s top 10 cases for 2013:

    • Mike Klein filed continuous injury claims with his health insurer after his retirement from the San Antonio Fire Department. Klein forged paperwork from his doctor and supervisor in support of the claims. Klein pleaded guilty to insurance fraud, a second-degree felony. He was sentenced to 120 months deferred adjudication and ordered to pay $2,000 in fines and $117,140 in restitution.

    • George Martinez was employed by multiple employers while he was receiving workers’ compensation benefits after being injured at his primary place of employment. Martinez did not notify his workers’ compensation insuranc...

  • How to prevent, detect and investigate fraudulent claims

    Insurance fraud equates to around £16m every week and £840m a year. The footage below shows a college student noticing water in the reception area and then intentionally slipping over, which resulted in a fraudulent insurance claim.

    Injury claims in the workplace are a prime example of where a fraudulent claim may be made. These arise from an allegation that the organization was negligent, allowed the situation to become dangerous and led to a foreseeable risk.

    A few practical, preventative steps will reduce risk and cut the time, effort and cost of investigations. By implementing a policy of regular inspection, risks will be identified sooner and accidents could be prevented. Ensuring that all inspections are carefully documented means they can be presented as evidence in court if it becomes necessary to defend against charges of negligence. At the very least, you should make every effort to disrupt the activities of the would-be fraudster who thinks that you are a soft touch. Installation of CCTV cameras is an important preventative measure.

    Remember, if you do have a claim against you, act quickly. If you delay, valuable evidence will be lost and lawyers will apply pressure. So much more can be achieved if you keep one step ahead of the fraudster. By putting your strategies in place as soon as possible, you can be ready to deal with the claims quicker, more effectively and more efficiently.

    Consider taking the...

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    Few personal milestones compel someone to buy life insurance coverage like becoming a parent.

    In the event of an untimely death, life insurance can serve as a financial safety net to ensure there's money available to pay for everything from medical bills to a home mortgage and the future college education costs.

    Many Americans have taken steps to line up such a financial cushion.

    At the end of 2012, there were 146.2 million individual life insurance policies in effect, with coverage totaling $11.2 trillion, according to the American Council of Life Insurers.

    Here are five tips for new parents looking to buy life insurance:


    Life insurance policies can vary widely, but they generally fall under two categories: Term insurance and permanent insurance, which are often referred to as whole life or universal insurance.

    With term insurance you pay a premium for a set period, commonly 10 years or 20 years, and your policy entitles you to a specific amount of money. Unless the policyholder dies, triggering a payout, any premiums paid are lost once the policy term ends.

    In contrast, whole life insurance policies cover insured individuals as long as they live. These policies also function as savings vehicle. A portion of the premiums paid for the policy are invested to provide a pool of money that the policyholder can access, tax-free, while they're still alive. Such policies are generally more expensive than term life...

  • Koyal_group_training_services_-_beverly_hills_dentist_pays_insurance_fraud_restitution_177_

    California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, shown in 2011, announced that Beverly Hills dentist Tom Kalili, who pleaded no contest to insurance fraud charges, has paid $786,000 in restitution. (Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

    Beverly Hills dentist Tom Kalili has paid $786,000 in restitution for insurance fraud and failure to file tax returns, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced Friday.

    Kalili, 59, was arrested in May 2012 after a multi-year investigation by the state Department of Insurance, the Dental Board and the California Franchise Tax Board. He owned Beverly Hills Medical Suites.

    Investigators accused him of submitting claims for services not rendered, mainly involving emergency dental procedures.

    Kalili pleaded no contest and was sentenced to one year in Los Angeles County jail and five years of probation.

    "This case is a significant success in our fight against healthcare fraud," Jones said in a statement. "Not only is there one less bad actor on the streets, but those who were owed restitution received it."

  • Citigroup_177_

    The Koyal Group Insurance Compliance

    (Corrects headline to show probe is over legal compliance) March 3 (Reuters) - A federal grand jury is probing Citigroup Inc, including its Banamex USA affiliate, over compliance with the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering requirements, the company said.

    In an annual filing on Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said the probe includes subpoenas from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts.

    The company also said Banamex USA had received a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. While the U.S. attorney may bring criminal charges, the FDIC is a civil agency.

    The criminal probe follows other problems that have surfaced with Banamex, which operates Citigroup's largest single consumer bank outside of the United States and has been portrayed by the company as a model of its global strategy.

    Separately, Citigroup disclosed it had received a grand jury subpoena seeking information about two mortgage securities that were issued in the middle of 2007.

    It is the first time the bank has raised the prospect of involvement in a criminal case concerning the sale of mortgage bonds prior to the 2008 financial crisis. Reuters had reported in December that U.S. authorities were preparing civil fraud charges against Citigroup over the sale of flawed mortgage securities.

    The bank also said on Monday it had received several subpoenas and requests for information from se...

  • Congress focusing on significant changes to federal security-clearance process

    The outbreak of comity in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, often a sharply partisan place, means the government’s security-clearance process is in for significant changes.

    Democrats and Republicans on the committee are united by an urgency to fix a system that was not able to stop Aaron Alexis’s September rampage. He was a defense contractor with a security clearance who attacked his Washington Navy Yard workplace, killing 12 before being shot to death by police.

    What the committee members and their colleagues in Congress decide could have major impact on the nearly 5 million employees and contractors who are eligible for security clearances.

    Areas of agreement, in principle if not detail, include the continuous monitoring of security-clearance holders through databases, securing better cooperation from local law enforcement and greater use of social media in background investigations.

    The bipartisan desire to fix the system, however, does not extend to all remedies or even diagnoses. Republicans object to taking security-clearance checks from private contractors, who now do 70 percent of that work, and returning it to federal investigators. They also tend to focus their criticisms on government rather than private contractors, including a big one facing serious Justice Department allegations for ailments in the system.

    No matter who does investigations, Republicans an...

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