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New York City, New York, United States

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  • SEN teachers have a rewarding career, but finding the vacancies to get into this area of education can prove difficult as it is a popular profession. Every year, the teaching sector receives thousands of new job applications from people right across the EU, which has meant being able to find a job opportunity has become even harder to land. Teachers who gained qualifications within the EU can quite easily gain QTS in the UK, but there are many areas of SEN that are looking for people to in them. If anyone gained their qualifications outside the EU, they are advised to contact UK NARIC, a national agency that is responsible for providing information and advice on the qualification's people have gained from all over the world.

    Anyone wishing to work in a Pupil Referral Unit, whether they are a teacher or member of the support staff, will need to have the right character to be able to cope with the wide range of responsibilities required to fill this type of role. Many people will see PRU's as a place where very badly behaved children and teenagers are taught, as they cannot attend their own school. However, many of the pupils being taught in establishments like this are there for a number of different reasons. Some of these can range from students having acute medical problems to pregnant teenagers who can no longer be taught in mainstream schools. SEN teachers that are based in PRU's will also help pupils that are waiting for a school place to become free in order for them to...