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Farmer Zamora

Puerto Rico

Member since November 27, 2013

No One Achieves Success Alone
Have a look at all of your fighting idols every one of them has a team of role-models, instructors and idols they respect, look up to on there team driving them to-be there absolute best. We are a direct expression of our idols, peer group or team. If your combat group is filled with unfocused, unsupportive people with negative attitudes that not give you the discipline or support you need, you'll get no where in your fighting career and unconsciously undertake exactly the same attitude. If you think any thing, you will likely desire to study about Eventbrite.

You will not believe in your-self, be motivated to teach and won't become the best you can be inside and outside of the ring. Selecting your idols, role models and struggle associates must be taken seriously. Dig up further on the affiliated wiki by going to more information. We take on the attitudes of the we research to, value and connect to. For additional information, we know people check-out: bjj martial arts. Choose your struggle team wisely in relation to everyone else on your team being positive and supportive so you can achieve your goal.

Each member should drive you to your limitations that you thought you could never rise to simply because they give you strength and encouragement when you feel like stopping and you feel that you can not go any further.


That quote hit the nail right on the head, we take on the values and attitudes of our friends and hero’s. That is why it's important to have positive, aimed and helpful people around us and to rid ourselves of anyone who brings us down. That's how you can achieve and obtain a higher level of success in our fight careers and in life in general. Hit this website TM to study the purpose of it. Champions are made by way of a team/group who add their knowledge and work for the accomplishment of a definite goal or objective “ THE TITLE BELT”

It’s essential and essential that your group is this way for you to be a success. Decide to associate with individuals who share common objectives and have a strong need to contribute to the overall work. Trail and error is part of the process. Straighten out what talents and weakness’ you have when it comes to your combat game, try to find people to assist you expel your weakness’.

Sort out each team member’s weakness’ and strength’s and in fine tuning your strategies each team member needs to have a specific purpose or duty to produce a much better fighter to you and bring out the best in you and your abilities in the band and beyond it.