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Lyuthar Jacob

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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  • An Introduction to Cannabis and their different variants

    Education, Industrial Design


    Cannabis, also known as sensi seeds or marijuana seeds, is a typical species of flowering plants is being used as psychoactive drug as well as a medicinal supplement by various people.

    Cannabis includes three recognized varieties of different strains, namely- Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Each cannabis strains have different ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD) element and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) element.

    Cultivation of cannabis is considered illegal in most of European countries and it is a popular way to avoid organized crime. It is not a good idea to invest more with cannabis cultivation if you are cultivating it for the first time.

    You may lead to have some disappointment if something goes wrong with it. These cannabis plants are also known as weeds as they are tough, strong and energetic herbs which people may not like to plant or cultivate in their own garden. It needs little bit of preparation as well as care if you have made up your mind for cultivating cannabis plants.

    If you are planning to cultivate cannabis plants in your garden, be well prepared for choosing right genetic plants. You should have some knowledge for choosing right plants for first time. So follow some points given below for cultivating cannabis:

    Cannabis Sativa: C. Sativa genetic plants depend on photoperiod cycle to start production of flowers. Cannabis sativa can be recognized as the tropical strains that require almost opposite environment to grow. Having a look on cannabinoid ratio it is observed that C. Sativa have high ratio of THC level as compared to CBD levels.

    The high temperature and humidity levels leads the Sativa grow taller and thinner to relinquish more heat and vapor. The flowering stage can take period of several months to reach to its maturity level. These strains can be grown indoors also.

    Cannabis Indica: C. Indica is also same as C. Sativa genetic plants that depend on photoperiod cycle to start production of flowers. These strains has prevailed somewhere from mountain areas, nearby Himalayas that is located across India, Pakistan and Afghanistan from where they have been selected for centuries as mess varieties.

    C. Indica strains produce high level of trichomes containing both THC and CBD levels, as it has influence of high altitude for production of essential oils. These strains can also be cultivated indoors as well as it is good for beginners to start with it.

    Cannabis Ruderalis: Cannabis Ruderalis are much different from C. Sativa as well as C. Indica because they start to produce flowerings as soon as they reach their sexual maturity level. The main origin of this cannabis strains is from Russia, which has been used as a source of fibers for many centuries.

    The main characteristic of cannabis ruderalis is that the autoflowerings of these strains are produced as soon as it reaches to certain age and fulfills maturity level. Cannabis Ruderalis are not as tall as C. Sativa or C. Indica but can remain withstand against harsh climates.

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