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Mark Wieczorek

New York, NY, United States


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  • Now this guy is serious about going solar.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    I think the photo speaks for itself - the house rotates to face the sun like a sunflower.

    Read more at Inhabitat

  • Top 25 Green Power Purchasers

    Environment, Environmental Design

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency released their list of Top 25 Green Power Purchasers today and new entrant Pepsi tops the list.

    The National Top 25 list of Green Power Partners accounts for more than 6 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year of green power purchasing, more than 60 percent of the total kWh in the Green Power Partnership; reducing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of more than 700,000 vehicles.

    Following is the top 25 companies with how many green kilowatt hours per year each company purchased.

    1. PepsiCo 1,105,045,154
    2. Wells Fargo & Company 550,000,000
    3. Whole Foods Market 509,104,786
    4. The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. 457,851,838
    5. U.S. Air Force 457,500,000
    6. Johnson & Johnson 400,702,978
    7. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 329,880,513
    8. Kohl's Department Stores 201,396,000
    9. Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts 196,003,000
    10. Starbucks 185,000,000
    11. DuPont Company 180,000,000
    12. U.S. Department of Energy 157,964,000
    13. PepsiAmericas, Inc. 157,062,875
    14. Vail Resorts, Inc. 152,000,000
    15. Cisco Systems, Inc. 128,204,000
    16. HSBC North America 124,544,000
    17. Staples 121,800,000
    18. New York University 118,616,000
    19. The World Bank Group 114,735,000
    20. *University of Pennsylvania *112,000,000
    21. IBM Corporation 110,103,000
    22. Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. 100,200,000
    23. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 90,000,000
    24. NatureWorks LLC 89,000,000
    25. Sprint Nextel 87,600,000

    (via The Daily Green)

  • Leo DiCaprio to build "Eco-Town" in Kansas

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Inhabitat has a brief article about Leonardo DiCaprio's new reality TV show "Eco-Town" which will follow state and local officials around as they attempt to build an environmentally & economically sustainable town in Kansas on the recently devastated town of Greenburg.

    Say what you want about reality TV, one of the best tools to teach "how" is through storytelling - by relaying your own experience so someone else can integrate it with their own and form a larger whole. Hopefully Eco-Town will show people not only that this type of project can succeed, but exactly how to succeed too.

  • Those who eat together, save the planet together.

    Environment, Environmental Design

    While Australian Officials have been urging their citizens to shower together for many, many years now, this is a relatively new idea to me. Sharing meals saves energy. It makes sense - not all of the energy used while cooking goes into warming up the food, some of it goes to warming up air around the food. It makes much more sense to cook a 12 lb (organic, locally grown) turkey in one oven than to cook two 6 lb turkeys in two separate ovens in two separate kitchens.

    So does "brown bagging it" by bringing lunch to the office, and as Jacqui keeps pointing out to me, you don't need to get a bag when you buy lunch if you're just going to throw it away moments later when you eat your meal. (Whole Foods even goes as far as to give you a 15 cent discount whenever you bring your own bag to the store, or when you take a plate instead of a plastic box for their salad bar.)

    Of course, none of these options are that environmentally friendly if you end up driving to & from your friends' houses for dinner, or the restaurant, or shopping. It makes more sense to find a walkable neighborhood to live in in the first place and walk or take a bicycle. (My current neighborhood scores in the 60's and the one I want to move to scores in the upper 80's!).

  • How did Harry Potter save 197,685 trees?

    Environment, Industrial Design

    How did Harry Potter save 197,685 trees? By being printed on recycled paper in 16 countries.* Harry Potter's new book may be the most environmentally friendly book in history.**

    *Okay, I know it's a mistake to claim that anything that didn't create 7.9 million kilograms of greenhouse gases actually "saved" them, but as Daniel pointed out recently, in consumer cultures, we even save by consuming.

    Read Harry Potter Sets Green Example For Publishing Industry

    Via The Accidental Environmentalist

    ** Okay, Cradle to Cradle may be the most environmentally friendly book in history - it's printed on an infinitely recyclable polymer because Trees are an engineering miracle

  • I don't know if you've heard the recent controversy over Oscar Pistorius's second place finish - do his prosthetic limbs give him an unfair advantage? It's amazing that in this day and age that a double-amputee can have an unfair advantage in, of all things, a race.

    Ossur, the supplier for Oscar Pistorius is currently experimenting with artificial intelligence to build feet that sense what direction you're moving in and adjust themselves accordingly.

    Read Ossur: Design That Walks the Line and View the Slideshow

    Via Putting People First

  • China-water-samples-001_177_

    Beijing, China: Xu Jiehua (r), the wife of the detained Chinese environmental activist Wu Yilong, sits behind water samples collected by Wu Yilong from Chinese urban rivers and lakes.

    Photograph: Teh Eng Koon/AFP/Getty Images

    Source: 24 hours in pictures Via: Treehugger

  • Where do you get your water?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Two weeks ago I was in a restaurant and the waitress asked if I wanted "sparkling or still water?" I responded "still" and she brought a bottle that originated in Italy. In Italy! I guess she wasn't aware of the amount of energy it takes to bottle & transport that water to my dinner table.

    Maybe, thanks to a NYC ad campaign the restaurant will wise up and give me good old tap water instead.

    I've noticed that some Barnes & Nobles are now offering free pitchers of water in the cafe, though they give you plastic cups to drink them in, which people inevitably throw away after one swig, but this is a step in the right direction.

    (photo credit: and SF)

  • How much water?

    Environment, Environmental Design


    When I was in high school economics, we did this thought exercise to figure out how much goes into manufacturing and delivering something, say, a thumb tack.

    So you list stuff like "the plastic box it came in" "the paper label on the box" "the ink on the paper" "the paint on the thumbtack itself" "the metal in the thumbtack" and build a tree that goes from the thumbtack out to "the rubber in the tires of the truck that brought the raw metals to the refinery to make the steel" and so on. It was an interesting exercise in just how connected everything is.

    So it's only mildly mind blowing to find out that it takes 250 liters of water to produce 1 liter of coca cola.

    as a side note, that image comes from Sharad Haksar and it's getting him in a lot of hot water with Coca Cola

  • Google to create rechargeable hybrid cars

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Google is investing creating plug-in hybrid electric cars that recharge overnight (when electricity is plentiful), drive up to 37 miles on a single charge - enough for most people to get to and from work, and return energy to the grid during peak hours in the late afternoon, helping to prevent blackouts and brownouts.

    They've even put all their data online so you can check for yourself how the vehicles are performing.

    Read more on!

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