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Mark Wieczorek

New York, NY, United States


Member since May 04, 2007

  • Solar Bottle

    Poverty, Environmental Design


    This innovative bottle uses the disinfecting power of ultraviolet light found in the sun's rays to purify drinking water.

    How did this design improve life and for whom?: Bottle can improve the life of an enormous quantity of people, by providing them with safe water to drink wherever there is no access to improved water supply. No access to good quality drinking water leads to a high risk of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, dysentery and other diseases. One sixth of the world’s population has no access to safe water today. Bottle utilizes a water treatment method named SODIS (Solar Disinfection System) a simple, environmentally sustainable, low-cost solution for drinking water treatment at household level for people consuming microbiologically contaminated raw water. Contaminated water is filled into transparent plastic bottles and exposed to full sunlight for six hours. During the exposure to the sun the pathogens are destroyed. The SODIS system has been used in South America, Africa and the Far East with good results, with the new Bottle design the results and the diffusion of the system can increase.

    More about Solar Water Disinfection INDEX: 2007 INDEX: AWARD

    via (UberGizmo)

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