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Tim Khann

Chicago, United States

Member since July 01, 2009

  • Easy at home guide to fix XBox 360 red ring of death?

    Let me guess – you´ve come face to face with a monster. The Xbox 360 three flashing red lights, right? We all know what that means: general hardware failure. And we all know what that means for your gaming.

    It means it´s over.

    Until you rid your Xbox 360 of those 3 flashing lights, that is!

    Many people assume their Xbox 360 is gone for good when they first lay their eyes on those three flashing red lights. Some people whose warranty has expired even dash out and buy a replacement console, wasting hundreds of dollars.

    The truth is, the console they believe is dead is not actually dead.

    It just needs a little first aid. A trip to the console Emergency Room.

    Microsoft would have you believe that the console Emergency Room resides within their hallowed walls. And yeah, they´ll fix your Xbox 360 and send it back to you minus those three flashing red lights. But it´ll cost you in the region of $140. And you want your 360 back under your TV fast? Forget it. Microsoft typically return consoles after 6 to 8 WEEKS. You want to wait that long?

    "So where´s the real console Emergency Room?" I hear you ask.

    It´s wherever you are right now!

    Yep! Believe it or not, you actually possess everything you need to get rid of those pesky three flashing red lights all on your own. Getting your Xbox 360 up and running again is actually a simple process, and one you can do for yourself.

    The key to learning how to do thi...

I love XBox games WOW

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