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Anna Benifield

Atlanta, GA, United States

Manager, Creative Services

Member since June 30, 2009

  • In response to Talking to Coca-Cola about Saving Children's Lives, posted by Jacqui,
    in the thread

    I just returned from my first trip to East Africa last week. There were so many amazing things I saw during my tour of Kenya – extraordinary landscapes and wonderful cultures all surrounded by a wilderness that embodies the dreams of all nature-lovers. But out of all of my thousands of pictures I took while there, one image gets an unexpected amount of attention. One of our pit-stops on the way to Amboseli in southern Kenya featured a prominent Coca-Cola sign over the entrance. I snapped a quick photo – as it reminded me of home. People have been commenting on this photo proclaiming, “Coca-Cola is everywhere”. This one pit stop was nowhere near the most remote place we visited. But, even those locations had coca-cola products readily available. You could purchase a bottle of coke at the local Masai market – where everything else for sale was completely foreign to me.

    Coca-Cola has an amazing ability to reach the far corners of the earth. The idea that they could add much-needed medical supplies to their shipments is just genius – and so simple!

    I commend Mr. Berry for starting something that makes so much sense! And, as a native Atlantan, I am so proud to see that Coca-Cola has agreed to start trials. They have no idea the positive impact such a simple idea can bring. Although I have only visited Africa once, I certainly plan to go back often. It is such an amazing place with amazing people – and so many opportunities for positive impact. Thank you for bringing...

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