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bill sonic fricke

bound brook, nj, United States

Designer (Illustration)

Member since June 29, 2009

  • Gudni Gudnason



    This is The Master teacher of the Modern Mystery School. He is quite simply a humble Healer and Teacher of Esotericism and will if you of your own Free-Will desire remind you of your Divinity and then through self empowerment help you to attain to your own unique path or soul purpose.

    I could conceivably go on but I will stop here. Gudni's latest initiative for the betterment of all is called, 'The Pyramid of Peace.' It is conceived and facilitated by His Holiness The Dali Lama, and Dr. Emoto! The objective? To enable people to remember their own Divinity, and to heal.

    And with that knowledge to bring us all ever closer to a new world where Love truly is the cornerstone. An energy where everything is possible.

    This is coming to Japan soon! Japan will be the first of many places in which this pyramid will be erected.

    Want to know more, I ask only that you either Google Gudni Gudnason or that you go to our school's site:

    You will see very plainly that our mission here is to bring Hope and Love to all and by so doing open up the gates to a new world in which we all have joy in our hearts and minds.

    I hope that you join us. Regardless, I send you now Love and Light and Infinite Blessings! You are a god as am I.

    Let's unify and become one heart and mind for the benefit of all! With Grace and Humility, Bill Fricke: A Humbled Guide and Teacher of The Modern Mystery School

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