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Zach Kaplan

Chicago, IL, United States


Member since June 26, 2009

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    Award winner to be showcased at Museum of Science and Industry

    This year designers and engineers looked at the product pages on nearly one million times in the hopes of finding the right ones for their projects. We are proud to announce with over 167,000 pageviews the most popular material for 2009 was temperature-sensitive glass from Moving Color. These textured glass tiles alter in color with changes in temperature. They are currently offered in a range of colors and sensitivities, the tiles change color based on ambient temperature, body temperature or water temperature – whatever they’re touching. The glass is available in a variety of temperature ranges, allowing customization to specific applications. The maximum temperature range for their “Liquid” line is -30°C (-22°F) to 120°C (248°F). Color change will begin at selected activation temperature, and continue through three phases within a 6-10° rise in temperature. Once past the peak in temperature, the base color will then return and remain unvarying until the temperature drops.

    To date the glass has been used in a few showers. One installed in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse at the Disneyland Hotel. When Disney’s guests take a shower, the warm water hits the glass, causing the tiles to bloom into color. As the glass tiles change color, silhouettes of Mickey Mouse appear around the perimeter of the shower.formed into custom pieces and used as tiles in buildings. A second was installed in th...

  • Inventables Materials Marketplace

    Community, Industrial Design

    Inventables exists to make sourcing and selling materials and technologies easy. Buyers (engineers, designers, marketers) use our online marketplace to find and work with vendors that manufacture materials and technologies ranging from water dissolvable labels to scented plastic. Microsoft X-Box, PING Golf Clubs, and Kraft Foods are examples of buyer companies using the marketplace. Dupont, 3M, and Eastman are examples of companies participating as vendors. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For more information please visit Inventables