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Long Viborg

Cayman Islands

Member since November 19, 2013

One New Anti-Spam Computer software "G-Lock Spamcombat"
It is easy if you obtain several unwanted messages each day. But when you receive tens or hundreds junk messages every single day, it's an actual problem. Visiting advertisers seemingly provides suggestions you can give to your boss. Why you will need an anti-spam filter that's. The anti-spam plan will relieve you from a tedious manual.. To explore additional info, consider checking out: Henson Chavez - DESIGN 21: Social Design Network.

Do you want to get and erase spam before your inbox is reached by it? Home learning system predicated on your spam and great e-mail registers spam with great precision and accuracy, adjusts to new kinds of spam, stops viruses and malicious code.

If you get several unsolicited messages each day It's easy. But when you receive tens or hundreds spam messages everyday, it is an actual problem. That's why you'll need an anti-spam filter. The anti-spam system will relieve you from a manual work when you have to delete all waste from your mailbox by hand. Plus, you keep your valuable time, bandwidth and money!

G-Lock SpamCombat is just a complicated anti-spam solution that includes Bayesian selection with personalized policies. It reads the email messages while on the host they are still in your POP3 account, and can quickly eliminate spam, so that it's not even downloaded to your email program.

This has powerful features to avoid junk & infections and is a simple, user friendly anti-spam software. It is spam emails are deleted about 99% by a standalone easy-to-use anti-spam filter which deletes before they are downloaded by you together with your mail client.

You are able to still search through the deleted items and recover any mail if required (just like Windows Recycle bin), despite the fact that the e-mail is deleted from your own POP account.

The Bayesian filter choice allows G-Lock SpamCombat to study from your actions, so all you've got to do is good or indicate an email as spam and its filter settings are automatically adjusted by the program to become more accurate. Learn more on our affiliated paper - Click here: voice fraud. To get another interpretation, people are able to check-out: blocking sms mno.

This Software is a Shareware, the Purchase Price is $35. The manager is glocksoft.

The newest G-Lock SpamCombat type is, the Quality is 4.1 MB. Furthermore, it is possible to configure custom rules for communications that will continually be erased or approved, eliminate viruses and more and malicious code. Additional features include statistical maps, HTML tag filtering and more.


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