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delhi, delhi, India

Designer (architecture)

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  • true..


    In response to transition, posted by Deepti Maithil Nagpal,
    in the thread Practising Architecture in India

    True Deepti but u know there is always good and bad... people follow where their interest lies.. some just get swayed away.. (talking about the upcoming generation of students of architecture) but if better examples are set in our field.. i am sure the response would change.. and it also requires a well eduated mass whom we are serving.. oh! one thing i forgot to tell you deepti that i suffer from severe lack of good guiding process at my college and then living in delhi and all the real estate mania (mess) happening here, i can very well understand what you were trying to say. My point is even if this exists.. some people have to come further to curb this.. for the goal we all are prepared for.. the change comes wen somebody takes a step ahead.. in past history of architecture also.. change came with a person or two.. people followed.. you know it i am sure... have you heard of Morphogenesis (delhi), Inform architects (banglore), Mindspace (sanjay mohe, Banglore), Cadence (Banglore), Anagram archtects (Delhi).. there are many more.. try to google them once.. c everybody is here to earn.. but point is what priority they set.. total money or good work and money.. i would like to share more thoughts with you... thanks for the post...

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