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delhi, delhi, India

Designer (architecture)

Member since June 13, 2009

  • change in perspectives..


    deepti.. i don't think you have the right perspective.. i agree to your certain statements.. very true... and appreciate that you think like that... but indian work mind has changed.. there won't be 80% offices working to inspire but then we don't need so many to inspire.. it's few... and they are growing... this field is ever growing.. it's ever experimenting process.. what do you think about music.. it's a never ending process of change... similarly. ok i should stick to our country.. you are in mumbai i guess.. come on you shouldnot be saying like that... see some south indian firms.. they are doing extremely good work in terms of our context and still global and responsive architecture.. if you want further details i would provide you their work and names.. well.. it's tough to be in a country of billion people.. but we have more challenges in terms of architecture than other places of the world.. we should take this as opportunity.. god bless

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