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Visp, Switzerland


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Votes (6)

  • Karimah Gheddai

    Karimah Gheddai

    Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    kikithelandscapearchitect MISSION: Design Extrordinaire

  • Dr. Zoo

    Dr. Zoo

    Alexandria, VA, United States

    Designing public education with arts at the core.

  • christel henkensiefken

    christel henkensiefken

    westerstede, Germany

  • Gabriel Grajales

    Gabriel Grajales

    Coacalco, México, Mexico

    Designer (Product Design)

    I live to design!

  • poyek


    Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Chakris Kussalanant

    Chakris Kussalanant

    Queen Creek, AZ, United States

    Public Information Officer

    There are no prizes offered to those who point out the problems.