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ToBo design

Bassano del grappa, Italy, Italy

freelance designer

Member since May 24, 2009

  • Lotus flower

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Lotus flower is a cistern for re-use the rain water as potable water in the third world. The project is developed with the collaboration of Green Cross italia, an ONG organization.

    Lotus flower is based on lotus design: like a flower the cistern have a life, on the monsoon time it is open while on drought time is close for preserve the purity of water. Infact the "leaves" for collect rain water are all in copper materials. Copper preserve the purity of water and doesn't allow the proliferate of mosquito therefore the derived diseases.

    Lotus flower is based on eco design: used only concrete, copper and wood, all materials can be found in the construction place. Lastly the costruction of Lotus Flower can improve the economic and manufacturing system of construction country.

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