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Daniel Stillman

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 10, 2007

  • cooperative design - Thinkcycle

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    these guys are up and running with a solid social focus

  • CrowdSpirit still in Beta...stay tuned

    Community, Industrial Design


    for all us ID people eager to contribute, they're not ready yet...i'm waiting! we've got talent to burn...


    what they do...or hope to do:

    Step 1 The community sends ideas, fine tunes them & votes for the best one.

    Step 2 The best ideas and their product specifications are jointly defined with Partners. Community Investors start financing the product development.

    Step 3 The first prototype is tested and fine-tuned by the community.

    Step 4 Customers purchase products thanks to the CrowdSpirit Supply chain. The community ensures the product support and recommends products to retailers.

  • My next bag

    Environment, Fashion Design


    no one better buy the green one...

    These guys buy plastic waste from Jakarta trash pickers at 4.5 times the market rate and make these bags locally. Then they sell them to us and everyone gets happy!

  • i'm into and the right now...check them out

  • Mobility: another video

    Community, Environmental Design

    traffic abatement in urban areas is a serious the video shows, cars move at 20km on average, whereas public transport can be 60km or higher...we need better public transport and congestion pricing to reduce traffic, and encourage pedestrians and bikers...traffic makes living and business harder...

  • cnc toast


    this is not really social design, but is so cool i had to put it up... cnc toast

    actually, they're sharing thier methods and materials at evil mad scientist and i think that the home-brew 3D printing will bring a revolution in distributed production, just like the homebrewed macs and PCs became companies and changed the computing this is social, after all!

  • Freeplay is great design

    Communication, Industrial Design

    just found out about freeplay's foundation to provide their heavy-duty radios to the rural needy. Check out their website, more info about their project and the great design features...I especially like the flexible antenna instead of an easy breakable retractable one. I think I will donate one as a gift in the near future...

Empathy + Intelligence + Creativity = Design

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